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I have recently started to question my macros and their percentages. Can anyone offer advice as to how many grams of each macro I should be getting based on my goals of maintaining my current physique/being on the dropping fat side of the spectrum. Is there some service that offers this that you recommend?

Find your TDEE, subtract 500cals to find your goal intake.

Eat at least 1g/lb bodyweight in protein daily.
Eat 0.3g/lb bodyweight in dietary fats daily (ideally healthy, high EFA sources).

BW x 4 = protein cals
BW x 9 = fat cals
subtract these from your TDEE-500 (above), and divide the remainder by 4. This is your number carbohydrate target.

A 200lb individual would look like this:
200g protein = 800cal
67g fat = 603cal
If caloric target is 2,500, you have:
1097/4=274g carbohydrates

*it usually helps these conversations if you actually put information in your post :slightly_smiling_face:


Good stuff.

I’m am 188-190 lbs

Smart scales says 14.6-8% body fat (I know they aren’t the most accurate)

35 years old

Train 5 days/week

Standing desk all day at work and take 2 minute walks hourly throughout the work day to stay active.

Looking to remain at 190, but could drop some fat I suppose.

Are you particularly attached to the scale saying 190lbs for some reason?

If not, just be normal and cut some fat, then move the scale up slowly as you put on muscle. Trying to recomp is a slow, painful, and ineffective method to making progress.

190lbs, 35 y/o, and I input 5’9 as idk your height (this is a relatively small factor)

IF you are in the moderate exercise category, your TDEE is 3,000 daily.

Caloric goal: 2,500cal
Protein: 190g = 760cal
Fat: 57g = 513cal
Carbs: 307g = 1228cal

Weigh yourself every morning right after you piss, track it, and consider your weekly average to be your weight.

After initial glycogen depletion, your weekly average from one week to the next should be dropping about 1lb.
If you aren’t losing at least 1lb/wk, then your activity levels are lower than ‘moderate’, so either up your activity or lower your carbs to compensate.

Take pictures every month, and enjoy the ride.

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What are your current macros and calories? How has your weight been? Gaining? Losing? Maintaining? You haven’t really provided any info for us to advise.

I would not trust any apps or online services for calorie recommendations. I find they tend to WAYYYY overestimate calories necessary for our goals, especially for us 30-somethings.


Here are my current macros as I track religiously on MyFitnessPal. I have basically been maintaining weight-wise with this. I have noticed much more vascularity the last two months. I did up my protein again a month ago, which added about 120 calories daily.

@Andrewgen_Receptors I am 5’11".


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Not attached to 190 at all.

If the scale has stayed the same, it looks like you know your maintenance calories.

Subtract 500 and thats your new target.

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Your not following your goal numbers? What’s with all the sugar.
List out what this day consisted of.

2900 is the maintenance. I am over almost 500, but (I know it’s not 100% accurate) my workouts put me at a 200-400 calorie difference.

Well at least the sugar is mostly fruit sugar.
Lotta bars and powders in your diet. What’s keeping you from eating real single ingredient foods?
Not knocking your diet as it’s better than most just asking questions.


Unless your workouts are heavily cardio based I would not count these calories against your cal allotment. They are just part of your daily tdee


The bars are quick protein for after training. The powders are for snacks. All meals are whole food protein sources.

Thinking of removing a bar post workout, a protein shake from snack and the fajita steak from lunches. That will knock calories down 380. Thoughts?

I think you need to be clear on what your Maintinance is. Is it your goal cake or have you been eating over as the example above shows?
If your goal is to maintain muscle but tighten up a little just revamping your diet to include only whole, single ingredient foods will go a long way. I love booted stuff but that bar you’re eating has way too much sugar.
@Andrewgen_Receptors gave you a good outline to layout your macros but we need solid info on your daily cal intake if you want additional help.

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I just realized that you may be talking about the Finibar from Biotest. That is my preworkout bar and have been eating it preworkout for 8 months and it has done wonders for my workouts. I thought you were talking about my Quest protein bars post workout. I may be wrong.

What additional solid info do you need about my daily cal intake?

What are your actual cals? The goal came or what you are eating?

As far as the fini bar goes, you do you I’m just saying if you want better body comp you may want to reconsider the sugar intake. That one bar contains more sugar than I eat daily.

This is my macro distribution on a bulk

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What is the question?

You mention wanting to maintain and maintaining is what you are doing is it not?

2900 calories is not your maintenance 3400 is.

Your macros look good. That is not too much sugar.

Just some clarification on terms.

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) = how many calories you’d burn if you literally did nothing all day long.

Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) = your calories burnt via activity + BMR

As @s.gentz said, i wouldn’t trust anything thats recording your calories burnt… measuring inputs (calories, macros, exercise) is okay but largely inaccurate. Measuring outcomes (weight, mirror, etc) and keeping your inputs constant - is a far more accurate approach.

Try to remove all the calories you can from excess fats first.

Once thats done, remove excess calories from your carbs.


I am getting confilicting answers lol.