Mom in Hospital

She was having some stomach pains the last couple of days, and called her doctor who met her at the ER this morning. They ran tests ( i dont know specifics im out of state) that came back with improper liver function or ( something wrong with her liver as she put it.

the doctor said to cut her medications she takes esp. INSULIN ( dont get me started on type II diabetes Ive been battling with her for years that she can control her own blood sugar). The kicker was they gave her high doses of pain pills for her stomach?

To me thats stupid to give someone pain pills if there liver is screwed up. they are keeping her in the hospital, and doing ultra sound tommorrow.

her doctor is lame I absolutely dont trust him. Ive gotten her off all her meds the past six months and she lost 40 lbs and has been in better health than ever.

Im afraid he is gonna start stacking her with anything and everything that could affect her body in its weakened state?

My grandfather ( onlyu 73 years old , and an avid backpacker_ had a similar thing happened and they gave him so much medications that he ended up dying from it. Drug interaction. So needless to say im a bit worried the same thing could happen.

wow that sucks.
hope everything turns out okay.
not all pain meds are filtered by the liver so might be alright, but what’s the source of the problem? they need to treat that not the symptoms.

If it’s a problem with her gallbladder,possibly a blockage of the Common Bile Duct, her liver function tests could be elevated. Maybe that’s the reason for the US?

Pain medicine is a double edged sword, I find it strange they would give her pills. IV narcs would be a better way.

But in my experience, gallbladder,pancreatitis are painful, so while I understand your paranoia(I’ve worked with some real clown MD’s), hopefully your Mom’s not in pain.

Hope everything works out bud.

Sorry to hear this. Best wishes.


Whatever you can do to intercept the doctor, do it! If you’ve had THAT kind of success with controlling your mom’s weight and meds in the past, you obviously KNOW your mom better than any doctor. Generally, most doctors know almost nothing about healthy natural practices or good eating (well, that excludes Professor X), and I’m willing to bet most of your mom’s problems can be treated better with food than with pharmaceuticals.
Best of luck to you both.

things are better today and she was released ultra sound negative, and blood tests normal. They tried to say that some kind of virus elevated her liver???hmmm???

gallbladder I forgot about that, good sugestion? isn’t it true that gallbladder problems stones etc can hide from typical tests??? How else can I help her with gallballader issues? come to think of it she burps when she eats fatty foods like avocado.

I do trust myself helping her and probably a light cleanse would help the liver a bit to!

Thanks for all your support! guys!

ps. she is a syndrome X type II diabetic, but we have made huge strides in her health that last year!