Mo Money

I remember 25 years ago, my budget was $100. I wish it was so cheap now. I resort to netrition for wholesale supplements and some protein powders. I use Supplementdirect for whey and maltodextrin (of course when I run out of both, I’ll just order the whey for bulk use and use surge for post-workouts) their whey is only $20 for 4.5lbs. Even if it was not as high quality as others, even if it was only 80% as good, its a bargain. 55 cents for 46 grams of ultra-filtration, micro-filtration whey. I’m a cheap bastard, so I buy the cheap basic stuff, so I afford the high tech stuff (Methoxy-still too expensive, Tribex-of course doesn’t work for me anymore do to my pituitary tumor, ZMA, Andro/Nandro, Surge-coming soon) I pass on Grow and advanced protein. Hey, gotta draw the line somewhere, so I can afford the good stuff.