MIT Eliminates DEI Hiring Requirements

Interesting to see a university who cares about science and real progress over liberal arts make this distinction. Hopefully others will follow and leave DEI to the diploma mills, which would spill over to the workplace.


Here’s your DEI hired neurosurgeon


I can’t believe (i mean, yeah I can) that the irony of “Bastion of free thought” places the condition of “Bend a knee or you don’t work here!” survived this long.


I bet MIT will defend the decision with logic, observable data and defendable points. It will be interesting see what kind of ripple they create.


Ideally they would.

The timing couldn’t be better. While old institutions are bleeding credibility and value like a ruptured aorta, they’re making a very strong statement of their purpose.


They’re also the smart kids at the table. The others are essentially expensive networks.

And you know old money hates their dumbass kids right now. I bet some synergy where it counts starts to happen.


Funny… there’s never a push for DEI in the NBA or NFL…


Except behind the scenes in the offices.

Isn’t the “Rooney Rule” a push for DEI in the NFL?

My governor believes that construction workers are insufficiently diverse, requiring government intervention to get more women hauling shingles in the heat and cold.

Meanwhile the patriarchy is still hard at work making sure no women are stacking hot bricks at the brick factory or logging remote wilderness during black fly and tick season.

More DEI is clearly needed.

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I worked with women while a union Ironworker. Many tried their best and kept up but fuck… they were leathery and mean as a rattlesnake

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I’m all for this.

But, we need more women in construction management rather than trades.

The more women in the office (superintendents, estimating, project management), the better.

Did you have women in boot camp? In basic there were females and the majority were dead weight drama queens. When I got to my unit they weren’t much better. Oh, there were also a good number who were sexual predators against other female recruits. One of the females told me how she and some other females would sleep in one part of the bay together in order to protect each other from the other girls.

Yeah, logic and data and stuff. I get the feeling the President of MIT wouldn’t make a statement like that without evidence. I want to see her citations!

I don’t know a whole lot about academia and publishing but it feels like there are a few scholarly works out recently making a rational case against DEI. Instead of the anti woke editorial or opinion stuff we’ve seen up to now. Like the critique is scientific now.

Anyway, that’s what struck me about the article.

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What role do you believe a state government should play to get more women choosing the construction business?

Are nefarious forces currently keeping women out of construction? What about the brick factory?

Not when I went through. MCRD 1995. In the fleet yes and most were useless

Because the amount of beautiful women working in my field will increase.

That’s cool with me.

Nefarious scum has weaponized the DEI canard and are targeting demoralized smooth brains to drive yet another wedge between us

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What are you talking about soldier?

It was only a matter of time. They are today’s hippies. Here today, gone tomorrow. Annoying as fuck in the meantime.

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