Milk And Acne

Hello everyone

Ever since i have started drinking milk i get acne all over my shoulders and back.So i experimented and found out that when i stop drinking milk the acne clears up? Now i love milk in my protein shakes and cerial but done want to be a 24 year old zit covered dude,not to popular with the chickadees as well.It stops me from wearing a singlet top :confused:
Does anyone know why the milk would be causing me to breakout? maybe the iodine in the milk,i hear thats no good for your skin or maybe the milk sugars? Just pisses me off a tad because i have to give up something i love plus i will now have to make my protein shake with water “shudders”
Any advise would be great
Thanks everyone

Sadly mate i have no idea why milk is causing you such a bad reaction? Is it only just? How long have you been drinking it? Have you changed brands? Are you drinking more than normal? Is it skim, semi-skim or full fat? Have you tried other brands? What about nut milks?


I have heard of milk causing acne before, not sure where though. I have had acne on my face for the last 3 or 4 years. I hope milk has nothing to do with it, because i love it.

I don’t know why It does that, but It does the same effect on me. I stopped drinking milk about 2 weeks ago and you make me realize that I had not a single acne spurts since that time.

I always drink skim,as a teenager i never used to drink it and my skin was fine,but from 20 till about 23 years old had worst acne of my life,big pimples on my shoulders especiallt near my collabone and traps.
But as soon as i stopped earlier this year it cleared up,my skin looked respecible.But since ive included it the past couple of weeks the acne has sprouted again :frowning: .So as of today im ditchig the milk and will wait to see if my skin clears up.
Ill keep u posted and let u guys know how it went.
Thanks for the reply’s by the way :smiley:

DO keep us posted, I’m going to try as well. I think you may be on to something.

I have the same problem with Whey when I consume over a certain amount. In small doses (say between 50g-75g) a day, I am fine with some mild acne. If I am using that, as well as other dairy products, my skin breaks out. It is frustrating, as dropping carbs/increasing protein during a cutting phase without suplementation can be challenging. I dont know if it is dairy or the processing of dairy. In CA, you can get raw milk product in the grocery stores - anyone ever find a different reaction with raw milk?

HHH do you have any problems with other dairy??

Systemically Acne conditions stem from some kind of gut dysbiosis. Chronic acne is a good sign of some kind of raging infection in the gut. Not surprising that milk causes these acne breakouts with you guys seeing as how milk is very disruptive to your intestines healthy function. Especially important what your race/ethnic background is as far as your tolerance to milk also. I’m not telling anyone to stop drinking milk or going on an anti-milk crusade. Only you can make the choice as to what is good for you or not, I just wanted to inform you as most people think of acne as some skin issue and completely ignore the underlying root problem–almost always intestinal disorder. Unless of course the acne is stemming from hormonal imbalance but in your case that doesn’t appear to be your concern.

Dont really have much other dairy to tell u the truth but reading the post about the whey protein has me concerned because i use 2 big scoops of whey in my protein shakes so that could also contribute to the problem?

Not concerning milk here but does anybody else here get friction pimples from lying on the weight benches at the gym? i cant do bench press because when i do a couple of days later i have some zits on each side if my back where the edge of the bench was also cant do standing calf raise because the pads that go on my shoulders make me get big inflamed pimples :frowning: maybe i just have really sensitive skin?
any of u guys get this?