Microdosing Tren on TRT

Quick update from me.

Been doing 225mg total of tri blend E2D for last 8 days. Total of 1125mg.

Have to say its had absolutely no effect on me other than sore glutes from all the liquid!

Back to regular TRT for me then.

Yeah a good slug of mast works for me too, and Caber, can feel that withi hours.

E2 doesn’t bother me thankfully, been off the chart with that a couple of times without symptoms

Thought I’d update this.

I got my bloods back and lipids were out of whack, prolactin slightly high too so I had to come off the tren.

It was a good experiment alas there is no magic formula. Even at 5mg per day of tren, it messed my lipids up.

I’m back to my normal TRT of 100mg/wk Test Cyp.



How bad we talking?

HDL = 0.84mmol/l range >1.1mmol
LDL = 3.57mmol/l range <3mmol

Cholesterol = 5.05mmol range 0 - 5mmol

Not massively out of range but still not optimal.

SHBG totally crushed though at 9nmol/l range 18-54.

Feeling the effects of too much free testosterone, foul and aggressive mood.


What are lipids like off tren?

LDL isn’t THAT bad. Plenty of men have ldl higher than this without roidz

HDL isn’t good, hdl/ldl ratio isn’t great

What are your trigs at?

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Exactly…trig/hdl-c ratio is where it is at.

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free testosterone set by your T dose. Tren has nothing to do with it. SHBG + fT sets your TT.

This has been discussed quite a bit on here.

Do you consider taking something mild like Ezetimibe to see if that helps? I’ve been taking that with Var and my lipids actually look pretty decent. They should be trashed on the oral.

Tren lowers SHBG, in turn increasing free T. Am I missing something here?


Trigs are normal

1.4mmol range <1.7mmol (fasting)

Cholesterol:hdl ratio
6.0 range <4.0


Yes. Body produces and eliminates free T.

We have been discussing this quite a bit here and on Excel Male.


Not to revive the dead, but I ran an “in the wheelhouse” type of experiment: 140mg TestE & 100mg TrA/wk.

My intent was a mini “blast,” not a TRT+ protocol. While not apples to apples, another correlary experience may help someone.

Mental sides were my biggest fear - I value my marriage, my career, and my family. I cannot afford, work wise, to be risky or a loose cannon.

I had minor mental sides the first week - mainly aching for my wife’s attention - but that subsided at day 7. Aggression was rather non existent but seemed to come on quickly and peak around week 8, at which time I stopped for two weeks.

At week 8, my output at work was fairly intense. I wasn’t confrontational by any means, but I could sense some tension from the newer folks. Aggressive, intense, only way I know how to describe my output.

It was odd, I probably experienced my biggest fat loss over that 2 week off period, but I noticed my cardio output was also significantly higher. I could run farther, faster. On the stairmaster, I was setting records every other day on speed climbs.

I resumed after the two week period for another 8 weeks at 210mg Tr A/wk, never experiencing any “traditional” negative mental sides on Rd 2, but a slight returned bump in confidence at work. I did start sweating while sleeping at rates beyond my norm. My overall sleep metrics looked great. I can also say I saw rapid changes in the mirror.

I did see a slight decrease in cardio output, but within 10% which I would consider within margin of error.

On round 2, I took .25mg caber 1x/wk at 210mg TrA/wk. I decided to add it when I felt a tiny knot under my right nipple. It disappeared after adding the caber. I know it’s typically dosed higher with higher frequency, but after the first dose the knot disappeared and didn’t resume at that dosing schedule, so I didn’t see the need to follow the standard protocol.

At week 16 (week 8 of Rd 2) of actual dosing, the same intensity did not return, but I hit my goals. I hung it up.

The same 2 week fat loss I experienced between Rd 1 and 2 did not happen at the end, but I was significantly leaner at the end than at week 8. I did not experience an extreme bump in cardio output at the end of Rd 2.

My bloods were worse than yours - significantly worse. I probably shouldn’t have attempted this at all. I scratched the itch, and I won’t be poking this bear again.


Never heard of ripfast. Interesting. Does the UGL make this or is this something you mix and match when injecting? Also could you run that solo?

Yes its a UGL blend (UK) and yes you could run it solo at higher doses to get sufficient Test in.
Im just on straight Test at the moment 150mg a week.
Also found the Caber to be way too powerful at that dose, i didnt have any sides from it but 0.125mg/week is enough for me to smash prolactin into the weeds!