Microdosing Tren on TRT

Hello all,

I’m currently running my trt protocol but recently I’ve added some Tren in to try lower my dose of Test. I know Tren has neurological implications but Test has prostate implications. So combining the 2 at low doses, could one theoretically not have the benefits of each?

Current protocol is

10mg Test prop ed
5mg Tren A ed
500iu hcg 2x/wk

On this i feel quite good and stable (mentally). Higher doses of Test give me too many mental sides.



I think you’re onto something…

I’m doing something similar and its working for me too

Weekly injections work best for me so heres my current protocol.

125mg Sustanon (my favourite)
150mg Ripfast (50mg Test prop/50mg Mast prop/50mg Tren Ace)
0.5mg Caber twice a week.

Feel great :+1:

No sides at all

Yes, this is a thing but people mostly do like 200 test and 100 tren… Idk how u feel abt test but i dont think tren lower than 100 or maybe 75 a week does much tho… I have seen good feedbacks about adding some 100mg of tren to trt…
I didnt feel the tren at this low dose tho but technically the benefits of increased igf sensitivity should be there.

At what Tren doses do most guys typically start to get the sides Hank? Im keen to avoid those

@beez @hankthetank89

Agreed, this needs to be something that gets researched a little more.

Although your doses i would consider a blast rather than trt. This doses seem mild cycle levels.


I was about to ask if u are sure that 70mgs of test a week actually keeps your levels higher that they would be natural? u must be a hyper-responder then… i believe most people would get shut down from that 70, but actually be lower than natural… i believe a good trt dose would be 150+… but thats me, i know you know your stuff so…

Well… I can state my experience and opinion but keep in mind that what i say is not the most popular way to see things as it goes against the beliefs of most forum users.
Anyhow…first of all id like to state that side effects of tren, just like the effects of it are overstated. People who claim they got massive gains from low doses never tend to have pictures of before and after. People who cry most about side effects of any steroid, especially tren, tend to either be people who are not built for this at all, or in a shit shape to begin with.
People why say it worsens cardio never had good cardio, cuz i was a pro fighter and in best cardio shape of my life when i was on tren.

Id say the typical dose is 350mgs at the lowest. Thats when you feel the sweating and maybe some extra energy(some call it agression, but i dont see it that way).
Also, tren does not turn you into Mr.Olympia also, so the effects and side effects are overstated just like everything else online.
I have never had a negative side effect on any steroids, except that some give me shit BP and i dont like the feeling in my head when my BP is over 135.

If you want to add it to TRT, id say - 200 test, 100 tren… try it for 10-12 weeks, see how it goes.
If you want to blast, id say 350mgs if u are scared. I wouldnt take less than 500 ace or 700 enth tho, but keep in mind im also 250lbs lean and i believe the doses are weight-dependant also. All drugs are, i dont understand how we missed that fact when we talk about steroid doses.

As long as the dose is high enough to actually have a benefit for you I don’t see an issue. Is 35mg of Tren enough to really do anything?

The short answer is, i dont know.

But so far ive been seeming to get leaner while keeping the diet the same, however that could also be the HGH.

I’m due for a blood test soon but I’m not one to chase numbers, I certainly go by how i feel more.


For me, its probably not doing anything for muscle growth but at 50mg/wk my libido has gone through the roof after years of it being so so.

Of course i cant be sure if thats just the Tren or the combo with caber, either way its working, almost too well!

Im off to France for 2 weeks hols on Saturday and wont be taking anything with me apart from the caber. Will be interesting to see if i feel the same at the end of that period cos the Tren wil be long gone from my system.

Also, thinking about it my prolactin levels have been mid to high (but in accepted range) for years which for me seems to have been suppressive.
Caber must be helping in that respect

Myea, no it wont. It would take like 4 weeks for any drug to really clear out.


I will be at 3 weeks since last dose so not very much of it left?

Yea 3 weeks after the last injection it should be declining.
For me its 4-5 weeks when i really notice that i have stoped taking something. About the same time it takes for me to notice stuff i start taking.


So far the results are tremendous. Losing fat daily around lower abs with no other changes.


Interesting … I’ve got some T Ace as home … maybe there’s something to this. Any mental effects showing up? That’s what always gets me on Tren, but I’ve never tried low doses like this

For me, no sides of any kind apart from the ones i wanted.

I’ve tried all sorts of stuff chasing that ‘ghost’ of libido that TRT didnt fix for me, that’s the only reason i started it in the 1st place.

As mentioned before the combination of Test plus Mast and Tren offset with Caber has finally unlocked Pandoras box for me.

Feel great for the 1st time in years

BP normal, sleep normal, cardio great👍

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Interesting, in fact I’m very intrigued. Only thing is isn’t tren extremely kidney toxic?

I guess it could be at high doses so its very important to watch that BP and onboard monitoring system for urine volume and colour.

And regular blood tests of course

Im interested in the rational behind a low dose tren being less (potentially) harmful than a (slightly?) higher dose of test. Do we have any thoughts on where the scales would meet? So 35mg of tren is potentially less harmful than say using an extra 50 or 100mg of test?

I’m on 150mg of test but would happily swap out 50mg to trial 35mg of tren, purely for science mind…
Also, does any clinic anywhere offer tren as part of TRT.
Please note I’m not saying this is a wrong thing to do, I’d just like peoples thoughts on how we get to 35/50/100mg of tren against the equivalent or more of test.

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The only way to know is to try for yourself and see how you feel whilst backing that up with bloods.

Very much doubt a TRT clinic would offer Tren, its not even off label.

TBH im surprised at myself even trying it but after 3 yrs on TRT and no real libido improvements, thought, well why not.

Its 2 wks now since my last 50mg Tren shot and its pretty much worn off now.

1st 3 - 5 days, uncomfortable libido, 7 - 10 days still there but diminishing.


Edit. Have tired up to 300mg test and 300mg mast per week too. No real improvement

i think that at the doses you mention, nothing is much more harmful than tanning in a salon, or drinking a few beers every night…
there is little to no evidence of any steroid being harmful to people who are healthy to begin with and keep their health in check… the only people who have problems are the ones who think that walking on a treadmill is cardio and then they jack their weight up to 300lbs and eat 7000kcals a day on top of being in a horrible cardiovascular shape their whole lives.
If 50mgs of tren a week kills you, you probably were next in line for the Reaper anyway.

But thats just my opinion and no, i am not interested for anyone to post me 200 links of “studies” from the depths of interwebs that claim everyone who smells tren dies of a heart attack.

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