Micellar Curcumin Oxalate Content?

Have oxalates been processed out of Micellar Curcumin?

I chatted with Sally Norton about this and “curcumin extracts are low in oxalates” was her exact message. Turmeric extract products on the other hand can be high but not just curcumin extracts like micellar curcumin.

Thanks for the reply. Not my intent to slam any Biotest products but in the spirit of living better, for those of us prone to kidney stones, I passed a very gnarly stone shortly after going through a few bottles following my original post.

Perhaps correlation vs causation but the timing and size were enough I’ve unfortunately decided to forgo further curcumin use across the board.

Ouch! That doesn’t sound fun! Yeah it can take sometime to clear your system of high amounts of oxalates as well. Good luck!