Methoxy Cap

Just wanted to let everyone know that, contrary to what some others have said here on the Forum, the Methoxy cap does NOT measure out a nice even ten cc’s of liquid. I got myself one of those oral syringes as per Chris Shugart’s advice (and it’s kind of cool), and according to it the Methoxy cap actually only holds about 8 cc’s, not ten. So if you’re using the cap to measure your Methoxy, you’re not getting quite as much as you thought - only about an 80% dosage.

Char-dawg: Consumer reporting and methoxy snorting since MBE was in diapers.

I don’t remember anyone saying to use the cap to measure methoxy-7. They said that about MAG-10 though. Oh well, no biggie. I use an oral syringe too.

what were your results so far-are you using for bulking or cutting?

Where did you get an oral syringe? Is it the same as 2tsp. ?

ORAL SYRINGE!!! I also like following a program “by the book”. But come on!!! Get a life… Although Biotest makes great supplements, they are just that! Its not radiation that turned Peter Parker into spiderman. Down Boys :wink:

Walmart sells oral syringes in blister packs for $1.49 near their pharmacy.

hey vman, u wouldn’t happen to be a high school gym teacher/football coach would you? as in mr. v?

No. I am not that person.

Yes, and oral syringe (or in my case, a children’s medicine spoon-don’t laugh) is very helpful in measuring out the proper dose of Methoxy-7. Take a few different kitchen teaspoons and measure the volume they hold against an oral syringe. You’ll notice a lot of disparity. Chris Shugart passed along this little tip, and it works. What do you think the pointy-headed lab guys used to determine an effective dose? I’ll bet beans against baseball bats it isn’t grandma’s teaspoon.

Ok! Let me just add this last comment on the subject. First off all I’m not knocking any of you for what you are doing. I think its great that you are so enthusiastic about working out and nutrition. I am too. That why I’m here! :slight_smile:
But let me add this thought. You are all getting caught up with the 10cc because it was given as the optimal dosage. Therefore you think deviating from this dosage will give less then optimal gains. But have you ever thought that none of you have the same body size and composition? T-Readers vary in weights ranging 150-250 (in general) ans 5%BF to 25%BF (in general). So dont you think that “10cc” of “X” product will effect these individuals differently? For an individual who is 250lbs 5%BF that same 10cc might “seem” like only 8cc in comparison (lesson in relativity here guys). Yet this issue was never addressed. Do you know why? Because ultimately it doesnt matter. Its not the +/-1cc thats going to make the product ineffective. As long as you take it you’re doing fine :slight_smile: Lighten up guys! All this extra focus should be put into getting laid :wink: I’m teasing but you know what I mean! Thanks and bye for now :slight_smile: