Metformin - Real Life Experiences?

Metformin is obviously a hot topic currently, featured here and all over health and longevity sites in general.

The overall consensus seems to be that it’s terrible for muscle gain and even maintenance.

I’m willing to bet people in metformin studies do not train as hard as the typical T Nation member, and probably have very different looking supplement cabinets.

Has anybody here personally used metformin long term and been able to consistently gain strength and muscle size?

If so, at what dose? And what did your training/diet/supplement regimen look like? TRT or natural?

Thanks in advance.

I have taken metformin for about 6 months now i have been making great gains in the gym i doubt it hinders much however the glp 1s like semaglutide i have seen people legitimately lose muscle with metformin you wont notice i promise

i have taken metformin in the past prescribed by a doctor(professsor),i was ill that pereiod of time and was gaining tons of weight at 5’5ft i reached 172lbs and the doctor gave me metformin so that i will lose weight and advice me to exercise and go diet.For me the metformin does not work,only exercise and diet does help to lose weight.Every people respond to medicine differently though,so do take note.

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