Metcon for Muscle Coaching

I want in

It’s really awful it’s superior to the Finibars on the grounds that those things are so damn great.

are people actively running this program? is this a log for questions and coaching. just trying to get a overview of what is available and what other people are actively doing, may be looking to switch it up within the next few weeks.


Do you still plan to keep these programs readily available a while longer? I’d hate to see them disappear anytime soon…

I started running Metcon for Muscle about two weeks ago. It’s different than any other program I’ve tried, absolutely brutal at times, and has me excited to give the FireReady plan a shot this fall. The M3/Surge Challenge plan was also fantastic.

And, again, thank you for making these high-quality programs so readily available.

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I started it a couple weeks back. It’s very different than any other plans I’ve run.

I’m not sure what happened with the logs and coaching, either. I guess the enthusiasm kinda fizzled out?

I’d be happy to thoroughly log my experience if that’s still encouraged.


I want in!!
I don’t see the poll to select that option though…

It’s like a year old, my friend. You missed the trial run, but the program is available. Crush it and let us know how it goes for you!

Story of my life!
I think I will give it a run!!

Thank you!

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I definitely would like to see you start a log so we can follow along and see how you go!

I will when I get started. Actually getting married tomorrow so it might be a week.

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Dude, there’s football tomorrow.

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For what it’s worth, I’m married and I’d suggest starting the program right away. You can do the whole wedding thing whenevs.

Just kidding!

I really enjoyed the program and am surprised more people haven’t taken advantage of it.

Looking forward to your log and congratulations on your big day in advance!

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I want in!