Metabolic Drive Strawberry and Brain Candy Availability

Is there a timeline for offering Metabolic Drive in Strawberry and Banana again? Also any update on when Brain Candy will be back in stock? Thanks!

The liquid Brain Candy formula is being phased out and consequently not available. We expect to relaunch Brain Candy in two to three months in a powder stick pack for convenient use on the go.

We appreciate your patience during the transition.

Unfortunately, there is no timeline for Strawberry or Banana Metabolic Drive at this time.


Powdered stick pack of Brain Candy? Sign me up


Whatever happened to Brain Candy? Can someone offer an alternative product that is roughly equivalent or better (and not spike…).

Brain Candy is being relaunched as a powder stick pack for convenient use on the go.

I don’t believe it’s expected soon, though.

Well, all the money I was planning to spend on Biotest is now going to my friendly-neighborhood cocaine dealer


Wonder why? They teased it way back in the fall on their IG, saying it was coming soon. Soon must mean 2026.