Metabolic Drive Chocolate Recipes?

[quote]The Mighty Stu wrote:
I gotta say that having been first exposed to protein powder way back in 1992, I can tell you that they’ve come a hell of a long way. To hear people complain about the taste of Metabolic Drive (either the low carb, or complete versions), makes me just want to send 'em back in a time machine and let them try one of those old cardboard canisters of GNC brand ‘95% isolated soy powder’, or even Weiders ‘Mega Mass 2000’ and see how easy it is getting down, let alone how much doesn’t end up in the toilet (one way or another) within an hour.


Seriously, you aren’t eating protein powder for the taste - although I think MD tastes great - the Vanilla MD is the best vanilla protein powder I have ever tried. Most vanilla protein is bland or tastes totally fake. MD is the best in the vanilla category, and the other MD flavors I’ve tried are as good as anything you will find… top notch.

It wasn’t that many years ago that you had a choice between “Carob” and “Vanilla” aka “plain” protein powder. Carob is supposed to taste like chocolate (but tastes a little bit like dirt). You’d have to add a banana and honey just to make protein powder edible.

Try blending it with ice and maybe a banana, a little half & half. You also don’t absolutely have to use protein powder - it just makes things easier.