Meltdown Training

i am curious, has anyone tried don alessi’s “meltdown training” program? if so, please send me some feedback. i need to lose fat fast in 5 weeks. any help???

I did meltdown for about 2.5 weeks along with the T-Dawg diet. I dropped alot of water and probably about 4-5 pounds of fat in that time. I’d been fine with that routine for a while… I’d get the pukey, dizzy feeling people talk about and it was ok. But one workout, I almost fell over and I just felt like complete shit. I scrapped the diet and tried to go back to a regular maintenance routine… my strength was totally shot. I’m now getting back with a little help from one of Ian Kings 12 week programs. I’m going to try to just cut my cals and follow the massive eating principles… two P&C, and four P&F. Ropework four days a week and light cardio three days. I’m also taking Nandrosol and getting alot of protein. It definately helped during meltdown, so if you’re going to do it… definately get some Andro. Good luck dude.

I may try it but I switched to a more simplified “version”. 1 set deads, 5 reps, one set power clean, 5 reps, 1 set hammie of choice, either g’mornings or stiff legged deads. Then I get to the melting phase. I alt between some pressing motion and its compliment in the pulling motion, no rest 5x5. after these I go to the stationary bike and try the Tabata protocol, 20 seconds burst, 10 seconds rest for as long as I can keep rpms up over 95. Freakin brutal. As active rest, I go do another cycle of 5x5 with the pushing/pulling combo. then its on the bike again. I get so gassed that I need to lie down for a while before walking it off. Every other day with this and my metab is going through the roof.

If one is a true vegan, (no animal products) because they love animals. I think it’s ubsurd, but so be it. You’re not hurting anyone. But if you eat that way because meat might hinder your health, you like many other vegetarians are totally misinformed by propaganda. One can’t deny the fact that we are made to eat meat. It’s a scientific fact. Our teeth point to that simple fact. Paleolithic man’s diet was upto 80 percent meat, much of which came from fish. The rest was grains roots and some fruit if it were available. By the way, since this is an online magazine devoted to increasing ones perormance, according to published studies males who do not eat meat as a part of their diet tend to have lower testosterone levels. So, you can have the rabbit food, give me the rabbit.