Making Finasol...Just to be Sure

Ok, I have searched and read the archives very carefully and would like to make sure that I have got this straight.

The first step is to let 4 grams of finaplix “disintegrate” into 80ml of 100% isopropyl alcohol, stirring occasionally. Now, do you crush the pellets up and then add them to the alcohol or simply drop them in and let the alcohol do its work?

Now, once this is done apparently the glue and binders settle to the bottom into grit and it is at this point that one pours off the solution, leaving the aforementioned grit behind. Is this best done with a coffee filter or what?

Once the solution is separated from the grit, viola! Stick it in an empty Androsol bottle and you have finasol…or do you? Am I on board with this or have I missed the boat?

The glue and binders are dissolved in the alcohol, the grit that is left behind are the fillers.

Yes (to what Deniz said), and you don’t have to grind up beforehand, just wait until the pellets have totally disintegrated. You don’t need a coffee filter, just let
settle and then decant (pour off) the clear solution.
You don’t have to waste that part that is left benind… save it for next time, add your alcohol to that, mix, let settle, decant that alcohol and use it as what you add to the new pellets… this will recover almost all TA left behind from the first batch. And your concentration will be correct in the first batch, you’ll just be pouring off somewhat less than the full number of mL.