MAG-10 & Methoxy7

I’m about ready to pick up my bottle of MAG-10 after sitting on the sideline for some time. I noticed on a prior post about taking MAG-10 with fat loss as the leading goal with mass gains as a lesser priority. You recommended that only one dose per day of MAG-10, instead of two would be good for fat loss and hardening of the physique. I wanted to know if it would be worthwile to stack MAG-10 (one dose per day) with Methoxy. I’m wondering if there would be some added benefits for trimming fat and looking hard. If MAG-10 puts your body in an such an anabolic state, would the Methoxy be more effective as an anabolic compound stacked with MAG-10 though the Methoxy works in a non-hormonal way versus MAG-10?

I’d make the decision based on money. If
the cost of either supplement is significant to you, I’d use only one, because either can give excellent results without the other.

But if you have achieved a position for yourself where the cost really is not important and even the chance of achieving somewhat faster results, or somewhat more results in the same time, is easily worth it to you, then combining them is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. As you said, they do work by different mechanisms.

Thanks for your response. Assuming I wanted to spend the money on both, does the “stack” of both MAG-10 and Methoxy enhance the anabolism and fat loss and muscle hardening effects of either one or both of the products in your opinion? Would I get remarkably better results from such a stack? I know you’re busy responding to all these posts in addition to your other duties, but a little more detailed opinion would be great as I respect your input.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a detailed
position on this one. Not only has the combination of
MAG-10 and Methoxy-7 not been looked at,
but for that matter Methoxy-7 in combination with pharmaceutical anabolic steroid stacks hasn’t been looked at either. (If it had, that would be a good indication of value with MAG-10.)

My guess is minimal difference when bulking. Personally
I’d save the Methoxy-7 for weeks when not using
MAG-10. For dieting, it’s a 50/50 shot whether the difference would be worthwhile – and that only if cost really is little issue.