M and increased T

How effective is M at raising T? I am 18 and wanted to do a cycle of M before MAG-10 to see what it did. I’ve started to put on a small bit of acne on my face but not an unmanageable amount. Is this normal? I know T increase causes acne. Diet and training is in check, I’m following Meltdown training and eating based on the massive eating principles. I’m also taking AP, and MD6/T2 2x per day and the new Methoxy-7 every 10-12 hours. And yes… I’m keeping logs.

Oops, I meant to say that I am currently taking M… which has resulted in the acne.

I have had great results using M and Methoxy-7. I’ve been using them for a couple weeks now and have noticed a consistent increase in strength and a couple pounds of muscle a week! I am 42 years old so gains MIGHT be better for me than you (your T levels are probably already on the high end so the increase in T from increased LH might not be very significant). However, the estrogen blocking ingrediants in M would probably be of benefit and Methoxy works through nonhormonal pathways (how does this stuff work? It doesn’t seem like there’s much real research on Methoxy or other “anabolic” isoflavones, just a lot of hype and pseudo-science). Anyway, I REALLY like this stack (M + Methoxy-7) and would be very interested in hearing other experiences. I gained well on Mag-10 but also got acne (not good for a 42 y.o. businessman). The gains I’ve seen using M + Methoxy-7 are all the more surprising because they come right on the heels of increased muscle mass from the Mag-10 (before that I hadn’t really gained in a couple of years).

QUESTION: if one uses M but not Tribex 500, could dosage of M be doubled? (I ask because Tribex is supposed to work through similar LH mediated pathways and I've read several places where you recommend stacking them). If I did increase M, would it help to take the extra at night or all in the morning?

Max I haven’t had any traces of zits or acne in years but everytime I take vitex (one of the components of M) I find myself getting at least one or 2 zits along with oily skin. So it’s likely the increased T that is causing it. As for doubling up on the M dosage in replacement of tribex that might not be a good idea as too much Vitex can be just as bad as not taking enough.

Bill Roberts responded to a question along the lines of anti estrogens (“M”) and T in a recent post. Basically, if you have high E levels and moderate (or low) T levels than by reducing your E (like you presumably would by supplementing with “M”) your T will tend to go up. Bill, if I’m misinterpreted that please correct me.

Is the 3 tablets on an empty stomach once a day the most effective way to take vitex?

Max - how are you cyclying it? 1 month on? 2 weeks on 2 off? I’m 18 too and interested in trying out M.
Kelly Bagget - do you think it would be ok for an 18 year old to use M for a little advantage while cutting?

Blackjack, M dosage shouldn’t be double
if Tribex is omitted. The label dosage
is correct in that situation also.