Lyle Alzado

Does anybody know what the real circumstances were behind Lyle Alzado’s death? I thought I remembered him saying he thought that steroid abuse caused him to develop brain cancer. However, recently I heard that he died of AIDS.

Go to the newsgroup and do a search under Lyle’s name. The topic has been discussed to death over the years (no pun intended). Yes, Lyle said that juice caused his “brain cancer,” and yes, many people who could know feel he died of AIDS but didn’t want people to know. I’m only repeating things I’ve read, though; much more detail and intelligent speculation exists in the MFW archives.

I believe Lyle Died From Brain Cancer Caused By HGH aquired from dead people, What some of these people die from is past on to the end used that is why man made HGH is the only kind you can buy.

yes, they were the two stories that came out around the time of his death. He did a interview in Time magizine and atributed steroids and HGH and the need to compete for his brain cancer

One theory is that his brain tumor made him start acting strange. As a result, he started sleeping around and acquired AIDS. So perhaps the cause of death was brain cancer, but he was on his deathbed with AIDS in his system. But it is just a theory.

His illnesses (notice the plural) were more than likely NOT the result of AS or GH use. There was more going on in Alzado’s situation than was made public. Do a little research and you’ll quickly discover that there was another side to this story.