Low T and Fat Loss

Hi, I am 32 years old, and I have low T (281 ng/dL). I am 5’7" and weight 205 lb. I have lost about 25 lb in the last year, but have stalled. I see an endocrinologist; he ordered the test, and confirmed that the test level was low. I should mention that I have T2 diabetes (on a relatively low dose of meds according to my doctor; my last A1C was a 5.4%).

However, given my age, he doesn’t want to do anything right now (doesn’t want to affect fertility). He suggested to lose weight, and the problem should improve. Of course, having low T makes it hard to lose fat. I’ve read a lot on the subject, but am confused. What is it exactly about low T that makes it hard to lose fat mass?

I know there is reduced lean body mass, but there are other issues too, right? Reduced lipolysis: would that affect metabolism? I’m having particular trouble losing belly fat and visceral fat. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you.

Bump. Anybody? Thanks.

It is really tough for me … Google “metabolic syndrome”.

I’ve finally gotten my diet, dosage, supplements dialed in. I box two times a week for 45 minutes. I do strength and conditioning 3x a week with another trainer.

And it still is a slow go.

Hopefully, I’ve taken the smart approach here – setting very conservative goals - 50# in 6 months and 100# total in 18 months.

On a side note. Before TRT (t=247), I barely had enough energy to exist, so I am plenty thankful in the magnitudes better in the energy department.

Hey John, I’m type 2 also. Eat lc/HF and no drugs needed for diabetes. I’m coming up on a year on cypionate. My old Dr. Failed me by not ordering all base line testing when my t-test showed low. He put me on 100 mg weekly cypionate. In five months my weight went up 18 pounds and everything went to hell. No sleep, sex, constant depression, anger, and my t level hardly moved. I came here and began reading.

Long story short, I learned about e2 and found a endo who understood and prescribed arimidex. Three months later t was up over 500 pts and most of the water is gone. I feel sooooo much better and the weight is dropping weekly. Be sure you test for estrogen. I feel I may have never needed cypionate and I may have done well just adding arimidex. Hard to say in retrospect.

Jim, that’s good to hear. What is your arimidex dosage? In my case, I hope to lose 40-50 lbs; that might allow me to get off meds and maintain normal blood glucose levels, since my BG levels are currently non-diabetic (A1C 5.4%) on oral meds.

Hey Jim, it’s good to hear you’re losing weight. In my case, my estrogen levels were within the normal range, but my T was low. Since E2 comes from T aromatizing, the lower the total T, the lower the estrogen is. But I think my T/E ration was probably too low, since T was low but E2 was in normal range. Also, how much arimidex do you take per week?

You read about people here being over responders to arimidex. I am not, I must be an under responder as I use a half mg daily and it took quite a while to bring my e2 down. Last labs showed big improvements in e2, total t, and lower PSA. Doc lowered my cypionate from 100 mg weekly to every 10 days in devided dose. I feel wonderful!!

I’ve been type 2 for about 15 years. Used most all drugs out there at one point or another. In all my searching I’ve found the only one way to truly control my diabetes and that is to maintain keto adaption. I eat lc/HF at the ratio of 75/20/5 . My numbers hang around 85 at all times and I no longer get big liver dumps from exercise. I’m used to this way of eating now and never feel hungry in the ways I used to. I recommend this diet to all type 2 's I talk with. Lc/HF is very good in hormone calming.

You said you use orals for your type2. Metforman is of no concern if you adapt, but using any of the sulfa type orals one wants to watch for hypo’s as this diet works pretty fast at bringing numbers down. Very diuretic also and keeps insulin levels very low.