Low Carb Diet


Just wanted to see if there are anybody out there who wants to share there low carb diets sugestions? Along the lines of Alessi and Poliquin. For me it’s the breakfast that’s the greatest threat to break the diet, stuck in the oatmeal tradition… but I don’t want to use up all the 50gr of carbs in the morning. So any suggestions. I would love to se Mr Alessi post on this!?

My normal breakfast on a low-carb diet is four eggs scrambled with an ounce and a half (45g) of diced ham, a small handful of frozen pepper strips, and a small handful of shredded cheese (cheddar or colby jack).

I personally have an egg-centric breakfast as well.

4 scrambled eggs.


2-3 scrambled with a bit of steak on the side


Bacon, cheese(and occasionally sausage), omellete.

What you choose is partially dependent on your goals. If you are cutting while on this type of diet, you have to remember to keep yourself in a bit of a calorie deficit, so you don’t want to go TOO far with any single meal(except maybe the post workout meal after the shake). You might want to avoid the bacon and sausage therefore and pick ham, or steak in small quantities to go with the eggs which already have a fair bit of fat.

Since I lack self control, before the diet I come up with as many foods as I can think of that I can have on this diet. When I start, every meal I pick from this list. While on the diet, I can’t eat anything not on the list (even if it’s low carb) and I can’t add to the list without a 48 hour wait time before I can eat it.

I know it’s dumb and theres no low-carb cop that’s gonna stop me from cheating but it somehow works for me.