Loss of Discipline

[quote]AverageSavage wrote:
My question have any of you experienced this loss of discipline and is so how did you regain it.[/quote]

So you were on track, saw some results, and then got into a rut. Fine. Just realize that for the last 700+ mornings, you’ve woken up and decided not to get back into the habit. That’s very easily corrected. You had a chance to change it this morning, like Gambit said, but you chose not to. But you could still fix it before going to sleep tonight. 100% your call.

Dude, you’re 17 years old. You’re not in some mid-life crisis where you lost your wife, kids, home, and career. You simply started all gung-ho and then got bored with training hard and eating right. If you want to fix it, fix it. If you don’t want to, don’t.

Read any one of these and then grab a pen and paper and write out your exact short and long-term goals. After you’ve written it all down, then read the rest of the articles. If that doesn’t rekindle your fire for training, I have no idea what else to suggest.