Looking For Diet Plan

Hey guys are there any good diets up on the site right now to still build muscle mass but yet burn fat? I have heard alot about it and i want to give one a try, im 19 246 pounds with 15 percent BF.

will post some pics if anyone wants me too.

wither look up GSD (get shredded) by Berardi,
anabolic diet
precision nutrition
carb cycling

endless amounts of info on this site,

i know it is hard to pick one and stick with it! i recently purchased the pn (precision nutrition) and cannot weight (pun intendced) to receive it!!

Then probably try the GSD!!!

While one can potentially gain muscle, and lose fat at the same time (especially if you are a new trainee, or returning from a prolonged training absence), you will find you get the best results by tackling one goal at a time and focusing all of your energy towards that.

You will then be able to structure your diet, supplementation, training routine, and overall desire (I feel wanting it and visualizing it are important) towards one goal. Once you have met a realistic goal in that direction (e.g. cut 10 pounds of fat, or gain 5 lbs of muscle) you can reevaluate your goals and either continue in that direction or spend some time working on the other goal.

Good luck either way.

Thanks for the replies, i have gained some good muscle and i want to put on alot more size but i really am interested in what my abs / definition would look like a little more cut up!