Last meal

Do guys eat carbs in your last meal before going to bed?
I mean that do you divide your carb intake from 5 meals and the 6th meal is just protein (casein) and fat.

I eat near zero carb meals for my last 3. I find that I can cut the carbs out earlier in the day with greater ease than trying to eat no carbs for the last meal only. I think it’s because I’m a bit busier earlier in the day making cutting carbs out of meals more bearable. Also, I eat no carbs in the morning on workout days; for additional fat loss and to compensate for my post workout carb binge.

I never eat carbs before bed. Just a protein shake and olive oil. My primary goal is fat loss at this time and I read (somewhere) that an insulin spike will negate GH release (which occurs shortly after sleep).

I also eat only protein and fat just before bed. Sometimes I end up gobbling my ZMA at the same time, and the jury seems to be out on whether that’s as effective when one eats, but hey, it’s better than not taking it. I make sure to have a scoop of protein and some flax oil before retiring on workout nights, but sometimes don’t on off days, depending upon whether two or more hours have passed since I ate my last meal. If that much time has elapsed, then I have the shake. When my wife is out of town I keep a jug of Grow! on the bathroom counter, and have a two-scoop shake in the middle of the night when I wake up to take a leak. But only when she’s gone; for some reason she thinks this is obsessive behavior! Plus I’m not really awake and always spill some powder somewhere.

I drink two big glasses of Milk (2%). Milk has Caesin Protein which is absorbed more slowly and therefore released more slowly into the body. Because of this you get a steady supply of Protein for a few hours. Also, the lactose helps put me to sleep.