I’m interested in the safety of mucuna pruriens/velvet beans which contain natural L-Dopa.They should be effective as GH and Testosterone stimulators but I also know that real L-Dopa is associated with severe side-effects down the road.Also,the b-vitamin derivative NADH seems interesting as a dopamine booster(there are studies) maybe stacked with D-phenylalanine and Acetyl-L-carnitine.A dopamine booster would seem beneficial when used with Tribex or Vitex.What do the experts think?

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There are alot of natural L-Dopa products on
the marker now but is it really as bioavailable as the synthetic stuff used by people with parkinssons?If it’s safe it should work really well with Tribex or Vitex.

you might want to check out selegiline hydrochloride(Eldepryl,Deprenyl).Used as a smart drug,official use is as a supplementary therapy to L-dopa for parkinson patients,apparently extends the useful lifespan of L-dopa treatment.Very effective dopamine booster,popular amongst life extensionists.I remember Colgan writing how a lot of successful athletes were using it to extend their careers.I can’t give you any personal feedback as it has made me dopey as shit every time I have tried it(seems to happen with most dopamine boosters I try,no such problem with acetylcholine boosters though),I knew a couple of guys who were taking it,and they felt a little sharper on it,but I don’t know if they ever had their test levels checked.
The Life Extension Foundation website should have info,they are pretty fond of it,Colgan also wrote a couple of interesting articles in Muscular Development a few years back.