KRAKATOA: PowPowPunishment's Daily Ventures of Destruction

Returned from a family trip to Las Vegas on Thursday for my niece’s 21st birthday. Didn’t train for 3 days, but got a lot of walking done. I had trained hard prior to leaving and the rest period feels physically restorative.

Ate a lot of great food and I’d also brought a bag of protein powder + shaker cup with me for the hotel. It helped on the first few days, but I soon accumulated a collection of leftovers that I sadly was unable to finish before the trip was over.

Made it to boxing on Friday, which was a conditioning-heavy session. Coach reminded me to turn into my cross more while holding mitts and enthusiastically remarked on my power from making that fix.

Broke out the SSB on Saturday:

SSB squats
400 x 3

290 x 2 x 10

Belt squats
345 x 10

Single leg curls
290 x 2 x 15

This absolutely wrecked me, and the effect is only worse 2 days later. I feel the most sore I have in a long time. Back, traps, neck, and legs are all feeling it. Before I get ahead of myself, I also benched the next day:

2-board press
315 x 3
335 x 1
365 x 1

Paused 1-board press
275 x 7

Incline dumbbell press
80s x 12, 10

10, 10, 12, 10

Swiss bar incline skullcrushers
45 x 50

Axle curls
30 x 50

It’s a miracle I was able to move 365 and 275x7 paused because my arms felt like they were moving through quicksand this whole session. Was shocked at how heavy 315x3 felt. Just lying down hurt my traps from the SSB the day before.

Went to see my dad at his resting spot afterwards for Father’s Day. Brought along his bottle of brandy and had a sip with him.

I was already absolutely wrecked with insane full-body soreness when I started to feel sick that night and came down with what felt like a fever and sore throat. Treated myself to a spa night at home with an epsom salt bath, went to bed feeling like death and fluctuating between hot and cold, and woke-up this morning feeling a lot better. Still dealing with soreness, fatigue, and a sore throat.


Sounds like you really ran yourself through the ringer there. If you were a Saiyan this would be great to recover from, haha. Glad to hear you’re feeling better.