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Man that’s unbelievably difficult. I’m sorry for your loss.

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Really sorry to hear of your loss, echoing all of the sentiments in here already, your dad sounds like an awesome guy and a great father - you’re a real testament to him.

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Thank you for those sentiments. I really do feel gratitude for these remarks.

2-board press
315 x 3
345 x 1
355 x 1
Notes: Surprised at how easy this went up. Enforced a 1-second pause, since my tendency has been to do touch-n-go.

Bench press
275 x 6, 6, 5

Lying dumbbell rows
125s x 8, 8, 8

Giant set
Behind-the-neck axle press: 110 x 2 x 10
Dumbbell flye press: 50s x 2 x 10
Dumbbell curls: 50s x 2 x 12

Went out with my sister afterwards to get sandwiches at Dad’s favorite spot, Erik’s Deli, and ordered his signature Raging Bull, then took them to his resting site and ate next to him for 45 minutes. Afterwards, I took my sister to a Korean spa. This was the result of me having been hunting for a gym with a sauna and steam room for some time now, which Dad always took me to when I was a kid going to the local gym with him. Before he passed, I asked him if he’d go to the gym again if I found a steam room and he said yes, which was encouraging to hear since he almost never ventured out anymore.

Unfortunately, around here these amenities are now either found in severe disrepair at chains like 24 Hour Fitness or in expensive, high-end spas - no in-between if you want a membership. The spa was $40 for a day pass. Got to enjoy a massage chair (where I actually dozed off in a few times), themed heat rooms like a salt room, a wonderfully hot 210 degree sauna, steam room, and hot tub. I was wishing for a cold plunge only to find out afterwards that one of the mini pools that I assumed was a second hot tub was in fact a cold plunge. All in all, it was a nice treat after a couple hard weeks and it made me think of Dad.

Quote of the day:
“Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.” -Rumi


315 x 8

Romanian deadlifts
315 x 2 x 8
Super-set with chin-ups x 2 x 10

Seated dumbbell curls
35s x 8
Notes: Elbow didn’t like these today. Ditched them.

Hammer curls with Fat Gripz
50s x 2 x 12

Reverse hyper
290 x 2 x 8

Weighted crunches
50 x 20

12-minute jog afterwards

I realized during this session that ego previously kept me from doing sub-maximal deadlifts a lot of the time. A big reason why I used to have such hit or miss performances was by going max effort every single session.

Quote of the day:

“Do not take counsel of your fears.” -General Patton


Focused on the clinch yesterday at boxing. Took turns throwing 1-2s, clinching, and repeat, eventually adding a 1-2-3 upon release. Also drilled the side clinch and controlling the opponent with a push of the shoulder upon release (remember to keep other hand up in guard during this). Ended with various bagwork rounds and then stretches.

Wednesday is the most fun class. Tuesdays are a small group and the atmosphere is incredibly quiet with little training banter happening. I focus on what’s important, but I do like working with an energetic group instead of a room that sounds like a library. Fridays are always very conditioning-heavy, which is good for me but there isn’t quite as much technique breakdown.

Stopped by the resting site on my way home to see Dad for a little bit. The memorial park closes at 7, unfortunately, so I can’t actually enter when I get out from boxing, but he’s close to the front so I parked by the sidewalk and stood outside the gate by him. He would usually be sitting in his den at this time when I get home, and would ask if I was at boxing and how work went.

Sleep that night wasn’t the best. Woke-up at 3am to the bathroom mirror falling off the wall and shattering on the floor. It’s a mess, but luckily nothing else was damaged. Opted to close the door so the cat can’t go in and went back to salvage my sleep, so I have that waiting for me to clean when I get home from work.

Quote of the day:
“Pain is an illusion of the senses, despair an illusion of the mind.” -Officio Assassinorum, Warhammer 40K


Axle clean once and press
110 x 10
130 x 10
150 x 7

Giant sets:
Behind-the-neck press: 110 x 2 x 10
Facepulls: 2 x 10
Dumbbell skullcrushers with Fat Gripz: 35s x 2 x 9
Dumbbell hammer curls with Fat Gripz: 50s x 12, 15

Sandbag squats: 200 x 10

15-min jog

Was feeling rundown and initially was going to just do cardio, but decided it’d fare my body well to move some weight. Actually, it was more like “I’ll just go outside and set-up for another day while doing some reverse-hypers for my back” and, as usual, lying to myself to get me out the door snowballed into weightlifting once I saw all the iron in front of me.

On the set of pressing I stopped before my shoulders began to struggle. Taking care to keep them feeling healthy with all the work they get at the boxing gym.

Stretched before bed by lying on my back and widening my legs up against a wall.

It saddens me to say this due to Dad passing, but since the garage is no longer a smoke den, it would make sense to create an indoor gym for the preservation of equipment. I’ll be doing that gradually. The corner and desk where he sat at will remain untouched as a tribute and memorial.


I see this as a real positive, you can set the garage up as a really cool space and share the memories of a great man as you build an indestructible body. Looking forward to see how you go with it.

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@simo74 Well said man, thank you. I’ll post progress and picture updates as it comes along.

Friday night boxing: shadowboxing and fairly basic mitt-work with a partner, ending on the heavy bags and abs. Visited Dad at his resting site on the way home, looking from past the gate.


430 x 3
Drop-down to 320x8, 230x8, 140x8, 50x8

Single-leg curls
290 x 15

Notes: still squatting narrow and deep. Going to use the SSB next time if my back health permits (it’s been feeling good lately). The weight I can move is probably the same when squatting this style, and I’m still feeling a little bit of strain on my elbow despite best efforts to not bear any bar weight on it when squatting.


Paused 1-board press
350 x 1

285 x 3 x 6

Lying dumbbell rows
125s x 3 x 8

Weighted push-ups
100 x 10, 7

Super-set with chin-ups: 10, 10

Poundstone curls
30 x 100

Biceps are sore from the 100 rep curls. Been awhile since I’ve done them, but they make my elbow feel great and less likely to be in pain come morning.


Right knee has been in a little pain lately so did some tibialis raises on Sunday night.

Began yesterday morning with 3 minutes of shadow kickboxing and 20 burpees.

After work:
3-minute round on the heavy bag comprised of 2 minutes of straight 1-2s and 1 minute of freestyle
1 set of 290x10 on the reverse hyper
1 backwards jog for knee rehab + 3 sprints up Heart Attack Hill
15 min jog to the high school and back

Also got some leg stretches done at night. Knee does not hurt when jogging or squatting, and is in fact feeling pain free after just a few days of rehab exercises. Feels like the discomfort stems from standing long at work and then going to boxing afterwards. Easy to make the necessary habit change.

Was short on time this morning but still squeezed in 20 high-speed burpees.

With how good 100 rep curls made my elbow feel and the awesome pump that went with it, I’m fixin’ to add in high rep axle skullcrushers to match. Don’t want this to backfire so I’ll start with 50 as the front end of a super-set.

Back double bi randomly taken yesterday:


Tuesday boxing focused on parries and throwing multiple strikes from the same side, a simple concept that I’ve seen perplex a high-level MMA fighter before (guy was training on The Ultimate Fighter under Frankie Edgar and had trouble throwing two right straights in a row). Left elbow hurt when throwing hard jabs at the mitts at first but it subsided.

While watching TV at night, I twisted the Flexbar for my elbow and the massage gun around my body. Am also being consistent about taking Flameout twice a day.

Woke-up well before my alarm this morning and had just enough time for 4 rounds of 10 burpees and 10 kettlebell swings (25 lbs which is what happened to be in the house that I could quickly grab), followed by an untimed circuit of shadowboxing, jumping-jacks, and high knees.


455 x 5

Sandbag squats
200 x 2 x 15

290 x 8, 10

Haven’t pushed conventional deadlifts in a long time so gradually building my way back up. Back feels pretty excellent and even though this is historically a light weight for me, I’m accustomed to my slimmer boxing physique and was expecting this to give me a little more challenge. Was genuinely shocked at how light it felt. Made myself not use straps, which is a new move for me as well.

The bar rolled off the mats near the end and I muttered to the bar “You’re not getting away that easily.” Next time, I may take advantage of flat ground in the garage and set up there. Or I can continue training under conditions that suck so competition is easy (being able to roll the bar during a meet before lift off when I can’t do that at home always feels like easy mode).


I’ve heard Bas Rutten make this very comment regarding striking. EVERYONE expects you to alternate hands when you throw combinations, and one of the best things you can do to counter someone’s defense is exactly that: strike twice with the same limb. Tyson had that monstrous combo of throwing the low right hand body hook and then following it up with a right uppercut.

Great work on those pulls!

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Solid lift and looking solid AF. Quality mate

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@T3hPwnisher Thanks for sharing some concurring words of wisdom from Bas! That Tyson combo is forever etched in my mind. Man, we had good influences.

@simo74 Thanks brother. Deadlifts used to stress and frustrate me to no end by trying to get a PR week after week. My goal now is no missed reps.

Spontaneously responded to a Facebook Marketplace ad for two 80 lb dumbbells and drove after work to pick them up.

A little back-story: seated dumbbell presses were my jam back in the day. By eventually working up to pressing the 80s and 90s overhead, I was able to first press 225 lbs for 3 with a barbell in 2009. I’ve done them standing with one arm using a loadable dumbbell handle but being seated so the shoulders can just fucking piston a couple of heavy dumbbells up really gets me results.

My dumbbells jump from a pair of 50s to a single 100, then 115s and 125s, so having something fill that gap is nice. I’ve made do with my dumbbell handles before but they can be a pain to rest on your lap and more than once I’ve had the collars slide off and everything fall apart. Can’t drop them after a hard set, either, since they break.

Came home and celebrated:

Seated dumbbell overhead press
80s x 3 x 8

Incline dumbbell press
80s x 10, 10, 11

12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 15

Sandbag squats
200 x 10

Poundstone curls
30 x 110

The last time I remember sitting down and pressing overhead was 2010 and I was about 25 lbs heavier so it was awesome to find I’m about at the same level as back then.


Nice find!


Looks like a killer session

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Very fun Friday night boxing session. Did some partner shadowboxing and then rounds on the heavy bag mixed with conditioning drills.

Key combo tonight: 1-2, slip, left body hook while weaving to the right, right hook, 1-2

Finished with bear crawls, 10 burpees, and crab-walks back to the line, filling the remainder of wait time for everyone else with non-stop jumping-jacks. I was one of the few people who did the work without resting. Then ran around the parking lot and that was class.

Day of leisure today. Going to a work pool party. Well, mostly leisure. Poundstone curls have been making a notable difference on my elbow so I’m about to hit 50 tricep pressdowns and 100 curls with elbow sleeves on (they’re harder and provide a better pump that way).

Weighed 198 today, big jump down from the last weigh-in. I have no final goal because the number on the scale is less important to me than the mirror.


I have to say you are exceptionally strong and the fact you weigh under 200lbs with them numbers is amazing.

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@SkinnyDad Hey thanks for that. Feels like I went through a period of not making a big deal to myself that my peak strength is realistically going to slide a little as I lost weight and now I’m coming into my own of getting stronger again in a slimmer form.

I filmed a good chunk of this workout.

Bench press
350 x 1 (PR at this bodyweight)

Paused bench
275 x 6, 5, 5

Dumbbell Rows
125 x 3 x 10

Inclined Dumbbell Press
80s x 12


I had a goal at the beginning of this year to hit a 350 bench while weighing under 200 lbs and I’ve achieved that at 198.

I really like Jamie Lewis’ point that we have a tendency to overestimate how big we need to be to lift heavy and that old school lifters got strong while still remaining fit. I may have lost bodyweight but I still weigh close to 200 lbs; that is not a tiny man. I have no excuse to not be strong.


@PowPowPunishment - that is a really good point about size. We forget that we don’t need to be massive to be strong. Also as your fighting, a lower bodyweight means there is less of you to hit :sweat_smile:.

What I must say is that your lifting at least double my figures (in all the big 4 exercises) and we are approximately the same bodyweight. I’m probably a little heavier at 96Kg (210lbs). I emulate to have your strength and following your log is making me aware of how much work I need to do.