Kayak Rows

Today I was lazy to look up the EZ bar and went with the straight. I got good peak contraction, in fact, not really experienced otherwise with the EZ bar.

So I don’t suppose there’s anything wrong with doing them with straight bar.

[quote]PimpBot5000 wrote:
Tried them today.

I think my mistake was doing them right after several sets of weighted chins. Even though my arms were perfectly straight, my biceps gave out before my back did.

I can see how they’d be effective, and will try them again in another workout…[/quote]
Try doing them with a slight (SLIGHT) bend in the elbows.

Do they work better as a pre-exhaust or as a finisher?

[quote]johnny johnny wrote:
Do they work better as a pre-exhaust or as a finisher?[/quote]

Haven’t done them as a finisher, but pre-exhaust definitely works great. Kayak rows, then straight arm pulldowns, then lat pulldowns. And DB pullovers at the end focusing on the stretch.

really good for pre exhaust it gets you feeling the whole lat and really pumps them so you can feel your next movements better through the whole lat. IMO

I think I’m in love… with the movement, not thibs… right?

Did them today as a pre-exhaust as per some of the recommendations here.

“Wow” is all I can say.

Needless to say, these will be incorporated into my back routine for the foreseeable future…