Just read The new Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding. What are your thoughts?

I must say that this book is fantastic. Arnold is a complete freak. The guy trained for 3 hours every day! I am yet to read most of the great weight lifting books on the market but where would you guys rate this book? And what would you guys consider as the best?

I have the same book. I have to admit its inspirational but there is no way you can follow his workouts. Arnold is a genetic freak and has alot of recovery assistance. I like the book and he has some interesting excercises but to its more fiction.

I agree with Mac. Great book, Arnold is a genetic freak, but we mere average guys cant follow his routines at all. Now I got Reg Parks manual, with a few routines, and he was a genetic freak, but his routines are doable for anyone.

Slaine, having been a fan of BB since I was 13, I’m 26, this book is awesome with all the war stories and old pics but as far as a training guide, you’ve got to be kidding me. Arnold is out of the loop as far as training science is concerned and while he had arguably one of the greatest physiques ever, stick to the best trainers for the best training. Michael Jordan probably isn’t the best coach, Know what I mean?

3 hours, eh? Maybe pre-contest, but even that i’d doubt. Funny how in Arnold: The education of a Bodybuilder, he talked about how his mass was built with heavy, basic compound exercises- bench, squat, deadlift, presses, pull ups, rows, curls etc…