Just a Little Test...Part 2

In looking through the posts here on the ol’ political forum, I’ve noticed something a little odd. Bush supporters seem to be unable to find any reason at all to criticize GWB.

Can any of you out there who are voting for GWB articulate any reason at all that GWB might be deserving of some criticism?

In other words - can anyone tell me what mistakes, if any, GWB has made during his presidency? (note: he can’t)

(I’m especially interested in hearing from: rainjack, biltrightwave, hedo, fitone, chucksmanjoe, ZEB, thunderbolt, Mr. Chen, JeffR, jackzepplin, and anyone from the same camp whom I may have forgotten. BB, your contribution to this thread would be appreciated.)

alright…listed second from the top…i’m moving up in the world. I believe i listed a number of things wrong with bush in a previous thread where some asked to name your candidates biggest strenghts and weaknesses without referring to the other candidate…anyway…i’ll do it again

His speech giving skills, although he does kill the ones he has plenty of times to rehearse, the other ones he frequently screws up. He also is not good at off the cuff stuff in front of reporters, although as someone who has seen journey’s with george, he handles responses fine when its just chitt chatty.

He relies too much on the christian vote and defers to them

He tries to be all things ot all people too often…see no child left behind and the medicare bill. He should try more to be the fiscal scrooge that everyone expects him to be because although his other things are decent middle of the road positions all they do is piss off his base and liberals hate it anyway.

I believe in his energy policy, ANWR and all that, although I would like more incentives into finding and exploiting alternative energy in addition to the drilling.

He hasnt gone far enough revamping the tax code…although this will come after his reelection…this one particularly excites me because my boss is going to be taking a lead on this issue in the House and its going to happen.

Drug reimportation


You got tired of attacking Bush and now you want us to help you. You are a clever little fellow. You won’t stand behind Kerry, but you can be tricky at times, I’ll give you that.

I’m definitely game to weigh in.

Bush has:

  1. Completely abandoned his veto power. In a time of peril and serious prioritizing and sacrificing, a panicky and opportunistic Congress went on a drunken sailor spending binge. Bush should have sent a bipartisan message with some vetoes to demand prudence and discipline. A powerful executive should use that bull-pulpit. He didn’t. His rubber-stamp has cost this nation dearly. This cuts too ways - fiscally and morally. He hasn’t demonstrated strength here.

  2. Not communicated the value of going into Iraq. There were many reasons to go into Iraq, and Bush should have not priviliged the WMD over all the other reasons. The WMD charge, in my view, was valid, but Bush clung to it too often and too much. And, postbellum, Bush has been sheepish to get out the message of why the war in Iraq was important. It’s his job to keep the message out there, and he’s been reluctant to.

  3. Hasn’t done much to nudge us in the direction of energy independence. I have no illusions that we can become completely independent of foreign oil, but we can do better than a pork-laden energy bill that pretends the problem doesn’t exist. I expected Bush to lead the charge in this endeavor, and he hasn’t.

A few examples.

Two out of three so far…not bad.

I appreciate the posts that actually respond to the thread.

George Bush has done everything right!!!

He is perfect in every way!!!

I hope I’ve helped!!!

By the way, he has criticized himself during the campaign.

Look it up for yourself.


[quote]JeffR wrote:
George Bush has done everything right!!!

He is perfect in every way!!!

I hope I’ve helped!!!

By the way, he has criticized himself during the campaign.

Look it up for yourself.


Wow. Case in point. You and ZEB could start a club.

I don’t see any.


And you can start a club of one on your own. Call it: “I hate to stand behind my words club.”

Medicare reform -
you should just shoot this horse and get another one.

Not ramming privatized Soc Sec accounts through.
I’ll never see a stinking dime of the 12.4% I pay in each year.

Being too worried about the politics of war instead of crushing the insurgants.

[quote]ZEB wrote:

And you can start a club of one on your own. Call it: “I hate to stand behind my words club.” [/quote]

I’ve stood behind everything I said. If I think I’m right I defend my opinions, if I think I’m wrong I typically concede. I don’t feel the need to bet you on the outcome of the election – it’s a silly idea.

NOW, onto THIS THREAD and directly for you: Has GWB ever made any mistakes during his presidency? Is there anything about GWB that you disapprove of?

C’mon ZEB, prove me right by not responding once again!

rainjack – thanks for your post. Interesting twist on the criticisms.

Might I ask why you won’t see any of the money you’ve paid into SS?

Because the baby boomers will devour the ‘Trust Fund’ long before I’m old enough to take a single penny out of the system.

Anyone who is 45 or under better not plan on seeing a dime of Social Security.


“I’ve stood behind everything I said. If I think I’m right I defend my opinions, if I think I’m wrong I typically concede.”

You just get more funny as the posts roll off your keyboard kid! You think standing behind a man is trash talking about his opponent and all who support him? To top it off you are doing this anonymously. Yea…you are one brave little lad. Haha

“I don’t feel the need to bet you on the outcome of the election – it’s a silly idea.”

You don’t “feel the need” because you have a sick feeling that you would lose! Sitting out for three months is more than your ego could take…so you term it as “silly.” Real men make wagers and stand behind their words all the time…of course that’s in the real world.

Better go hit those Western Philosophy books kid. I don’t think you are ready for the real world just yet!

(Still pulling for you)

Bush has, unfortunately, acted – or, pursuant to Thunderbolt’s veto comment, not acted – in ways with which I disagree.

As far as it goes, the steel tariffs jump out as the first major policy item with which I disagreed. Abrogating his duty to veto campaign finance reform (McCain-Feingold) when he stated he thought it was unconstitutional was another big item. Increasing social spending on both the No Child Left Behind Act with Senator Kennedy, and the Prescription Drug Benefit, was bad. Not fighting harder for his judicial nominees – though that is at least as much Congress’ fault.

On Iraq, one could obviously go through and nitpick particular decisions – waiting too long to act (no, really - at least in terms of giving Saddam’s regime much less time for contingency planning- a lot of the insurgents are former Baathists); going in with too few troops; dealing with the Iraqi army; etc. But I have fewer problems here, mainly because wars always have problems, setbacks and unforseen consequences. It looks as if Bush or his team made wrong choices between plans in most cases, rather than just simply failing to plan.

[UPDATE: Reading hedo’s post reminded me I am deeply dissatisfied with the effort Bush has made w/r/t stemming illegal immigration, and in crafting a more rational policy for legal immigration]

Criticizing Bush is impossible…he’s perfect. You like that RSU??? RLTW


I don’t like his stand on stem cells. he should be putting more money into this and nanotechnology.

A little less god talk would be appreciated.

I think he should have kept the budget deficits from getting bigger.

I give him high marks for not cowtowing to the french and their selfish bullshit.

I Respect his having the balls to stand up to Saddam, the Ayatollahs in Iran and kim il jong.

I give him very high marks for having Colin Powell as secretary of state.

I also think Donald Rumsfeld is a good choice.

Now RSU you need to tell us what you don’t like about Kerry.


 Instead of bagging on RSU, why don't you just answer the thread. RSU seems to be attempting to have a "grown up" and "real world" discussion in a world in which all leaders have faults.  You just seem pompous and high-handed in your responses.

Just an observation.



Military - moving too fast on the light infantry, mobile army concept. Armor still creates a huge advantage on just about any battle field. The M-1 rules the battlefield. Need more of them not less. Also need to work on the next generation of the Main Battle Tank.

I think he has not been hard enough on the terrorists. I think he has done a good job but I want to see more. I want to see them eliminated and I want revenge. Pure revenge. I want the next terrorist to feel that his way of life may end if he commits and act of war against the US.

Trade. I think we need to tighten this up. He is a free trade president but we also need to act like the world’s biggest customer. I.e. - we should make the terms not the nations who sell to us. Same on immigration. He got tougher but still too many forigners who do not contribute.

On balance these shortcomings are not significant when compared to the positive things about this president, especially his leadership after 9-11.

Hi there Todd, you are sort of new around here and I can see the point of your post. My responses to RSU have been well under what I usually post.

I have a policy that I have had to sort of ignore relative to RSU. I usually never lowered myself to an “attackers” level. I had to make an exception in the case of the kid here.

I would like you to go back and read some of his inane and hateful posts. Then you might get an idea why I am “bagging” the kid, and will continue to do so (besides, it’s fun).

Take care todd,