Is It Possible to Build My Thighs at the Age of 42?

I am a female, 42 years old and my things are very thin and looks like kids legs. Is it possible to build my thighs?

I want to look heavy on my lower body especially my thighs. I am attaching the picture of my thing for refernece

Paul Carter runs a program called Valkyrie that is just for women’s legs/ass. Might Google him if you want, I’ve seen older women run it on his Instagram and like it.

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IMO, 42 years old is plenty young enough to build muscle.


No. I am 52 and I’ve been lifting for decades. For the longest time, I never got anywhere with my lower body, but I used to be a runner (in addition to lifting). I would run 3-5 miles most days, and then run 12-13 on Sundays. Anyway, about five years ago, I (for the most part) quit running and transitioned to spinning or the eliptical for cardio. This made the biggest difference. I also increased my calories slightly (nothing crazy), increased lower body training from 2 to 3 days a week. Other things I added were hex bar deadlifts and walking lunges (I was already squatting, hip thrusting, back extensioning, and all the rest of it (though not all on the same day)). Oh, and one other thing, I put my upper body sort of on maintenance, or even a little less (upper body was plenty developed). Christian Thibodeaux has a “muscle migration” theory, that if you are maxed on the amount of muscle your body can carry, by choosing what to focus on, you can migrate some of the muscle elsewhere. This actually works (over the course of years). Anyway, it worked for me. Again, nothing crazy, but it certainly did work.

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Whoops, that was me, LoriB, above. That should have been Yes (it is possible). For some reason, I had thought the question was asking if it was impossible. Anyway, everything else still holds true. And I’m still seeing gains. Albeit small.

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Yes, it’s definitely possible!!
I know this is an older post but I wanted to check in and see how you’re doing. Any progress since you posted?