Is Anyone Using TRT with HGH? Results?

I’ve been on TRT for maybe 5 years now (48 years old) - .4ml - 2x week plus Anastrozole the next day (25mg pill). My recent visit to the doc and he’s talking about adding HGH. I get blood taken today to see my IGF levels, then I’ll have a follow up on Thursday. I’m wondering if anyone is doing both and what your results are like? I’m not a bodybuilder or anything. I had a vasectomy 8 years ago and it messed up my world so that’s how I wound up on TRT. My normal sexual function isn’t the same as pre-vasectomy but at least it’s working for the most part again and I’m not battling depression anymore.

What is the actual dosage? this number should be in mg. Also, expect to pay quite a bit for HGH to be in your regimen.

I believe @hankthetank89 and @studhammer have experience with at least HGH if not HGH+TRT (or other doseage)

Not sure what that translates to in mg’s. I know I pull in to the .4 mark on the syringe. :slight_smile:

Now I’m wondering if this is a sales pitch of sorts especially if the cost is very high. He never discussed cost. I’ll find out more this week I guess. But if it’s significantly more then I’m just going to pass on it. Trt is expensive enough.

All most for sure it is. If they find IGF-1 is low, they will typically see $$$.

Even if I was still working with a clinic, I’d try something like MK-677 at night (works well for some), or go under ground lab (UGL) for HGH. It is like 1/5-1/10th the cost, but still expensive. I could run 1 iu a day for a bit over a dollar a day UGL. I couldn’t justify paying $5-$10 for a single IU a day.

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Next time you speak with your provider, you should inquire as to the actual dosage you are on weekly - just so it’s something you know. It’d be like a Dr. telling you “take 4 of these a day” but not disclosing the actual doseage of medication you’re taking.

As @mnben87 said, it almost certainly is a sales pitch. But if you have some reason as to why your insurance would cover the cost of this (assuming it still isn’t overly expensive), you will probably feel great and find yourself getting a bit more lean without effort. HGH is excellent, however most people are paying exorbitant costs for the product.

If money isn’t an issue for you, it would probably be worthwhile. But if you’re in the same category as 99% of the rest of us, the cost is probably a bit out of range ($20-40 per day, pending doseage).

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$20-$40/day!!! Wow, I will let you know on Thursday what price they give me. But it doesn’t look like I’ll be doing HGH since I’m not Sylvester Stallone rich.

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Yeah, after a google search, I was low on my estimate.

1,000-$5,000 per month!

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Low dose GH shouldnt actually get you “results”.
Results are possible anti aging and health. Simmilar to vitamin C, its not like you feel it working when you take it.

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I think this depends on what results you are looking for. Most research shows that running HGH at 2-4iu per day is good for fat loss/muscle retention as well as anti-aging benefits and recovery. As for muscle growth though, most research points to 10-20iu HGH daily, which tends to also have significant impact on organs among other issues.

Still, I think the research is underwhelming and could certainly be expanded upon.

yea but you cant measure those…
its not like you drop lots of fat when you start GH… its like extra 10% if you are cutting and you lose like 10% less muscle while cutting…
2ius a day is not much - it just mimics the natural upper level… and if it doesnt boost your IGF like it is with me, then it doesnt do much for muscle as such…
I just take it like vitamins hoping that they do smth and its healthy and maybe i will get some benefit.

I guess I’m curious why you bother knowing the expense is so high? Not knocking it, I just don’t see the cost-benefit weighing out

90ius cost 120eur.
I take 3ius in the mornings when i do my fasted cardio(the fatloss benefit is short, so for that, you need to take it prior cardio AND while fasted, as insulin fucks it up).
So its 9ius a week. So 120eur is for 10 weeks. 120eur is like 150usd.
Even tho i live in a poor country and my 150 bucks is much more than it is to you, since this shit is what i love, and i dont drink and dont party, i dont find it TOO expensive to pay like 50 bucks a month for something that could be preventing me from injury, make my bones stronger as i age, help me recover a bit and maybe let me stay younger and healthier a bit more…
Honestly, i spend just as much on vitamin c, magnesium, fish oils and other pharmacy crap…

p.s - i also take MK677 every night but that one is like 50bucks for 2 months.


That is quite a good deal you have, if that same 90iu were sold in the states it would be at least $900usd - probably much more. At any rate, the cost for you still is relatively low so it seems much more justifiable.

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In here 120eur for 90iu is Russian UGL.
160eur for 90iu is pharma grade, but i get identical lab results, so i stick with the russian one.

Then i would suggest it to NO ONE ever…
i really see it working exactly as vitamins, fish oils and minerals… maybe they work, maybe they dont but you take them because you hope it will pay off…

900usd would be a complete waste… i dont think its even worth for pro bodybuilders, unless they get like IGF into 600s off that 2iu :smiley:

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Hmmm…so it cost you an extra $50/month? That’s not horrible, I could probably handle that. But I’ll let you know on Thursday what they say.

How often are you taking it? And have you noticed any differences in how you feel etc?

This is “blast” levels, at least with pharma stuff. Not crazy high but that’s way over a therapeutic dose


i have actually said all of this in my previous comments in this same thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Getting most of my information from this, but also from some other research I’ve done that agree with it. Not saying I’m right or anything, this is just what I based my numbers on.

I’ve posted several items regarding my HGH usage. My initial blast caused me to have huge water gains followed by a big time fat loss all without significant changes to my diet. I’ve come to believe the water was due to me not having any measurable GH due to horrible sleep apnea which pretty much prevents REM sleep which is when GH is released at night. (I later got sinus surgery which took care of the apnea).

Since then, I have been cruising at 3.3 iu/day for the last 2 years or so. As was mentioned earlier, some of the GH results are not really measurable but I do sleep WAY better, recover better and heal injuries faster than without.

I use UGL GH and I currently pay $170/100 iu which (by design) lasts me 30 days and works out to $5.60/day. Its an acceptable cost to me for the benefits.

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Bro this kind of blind sheepism with the doc is bad for your health. Seriously… if he asked you to stick it up your ass would you at least question him then?

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