Ideal MAG-10 workout

ok. Since there is no official MAG-10 workout. What is everyone planning on doing? There are so many workouts I want one that is geared best toward maximizing the results while on the mag-10

I can’t wait to get my Mag-10. In like 4 weeks, right? Anyway, I’m gonna be doing about 15 sets per bodypart, focusing more on volume and really “feeling” the muscle. I’ll train probably about 4 days a week for about hour and a half. Definitly gotta make sure i ingest enough calories and protein, since thats more important than the workout anyway

I’m just going to do the big basics- squats, deads, chins, rows, dips, bench- and up the volume to around 20 sets per workout, 8-12 reps per set, going to failure on the last set of each exercise. Basic stuff really, not following any specific program, just a good split training 5 days a week. I usually train 4 days a week and keep the volume lower. I’ll continue to use Surge to make sure I recover though I guess being on MAG-10 would help with that too.

Im just going to pretty much do the GVT2000 as outlined in a t-mag article a while ago. Eat a lot as well.

I’m going to stick with the Westside stuff, I will however probably add some extra volume to my supplemental work. Then again I may do a bodybuilder style workout for that time period…we’ll see.