I Get Knocked Down - I Get Back Up Again

7 weeks post-op:

Slow but steady progress:

Hit 146KJ output on the Peloton, so that’s nearly doubled
OHP now at 50kg, still a bit wobbly though
Bodyweight 95.2kg

Planning to try some leg work on Monday - starting with some bodyweight squats and we’ll see how it goes from there


12 weeks post-op:
Still progressing slowly but surely.

I’ve got as far as a dedicated leg day (as well as a Peloton day).
Currently doing 3 sets of walking lunges, bodyweight squats and hyperextensions, plus calf raises.
I’m a bit unsure where to go next - my gym has a hack squat machine so I’m thinking of using that, in preference to the leg press. The lunges are surprisingly challenging in terms of balance, which I’m taking as a sign that I need to keep doing them.

Weight: 93.5kg (target <90)
Squat: bodyweight (target 70kg)
OHP: 60kg seated dumbbell press (already hit my target, maybe not surprising since no legs involved in this lift! Will have to come up with something more ambitious…)
Bench: 70kg dumbbell press (target 90)


Sounds like you are making excellent progress!

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Squatted with a bar on my back for the first time in nearly six months - damn near killed me! Put 20kgs on the bar and really felt it in my left hamstring - never going to be able to lie to myself that cycling/leg curls/whatever are “as good as” squats ever again!

Weirdly, I don’t seem to have lost much if any muscle size from my legs, will be interesting to see how quickly I can progress.

I found upper body strength was pretty much straight back to where I was before the operation (unsurprisingly) but I guess six months of neglecting squats is going to be harder to overcome.


Belated New Year’s accountability check-in! I haven’t been posting in this thread, but I HAVE been training…

Weight: 90.8kg (target <90)
Squat: 75kg on the hack squat machine - really struggled for form due to mobility issues and couldn’t get any depth at all, even with very light weights, so sticking to the machine for now. Not sure what the equivalent target to a 70kg squat would be when using a machine…
OHP: still at 60kg dumbbell press
Bench: 80kg dumbbell press, sets of 10 at 60, 65, 70 then 2 sets of 5 with 80 (target 90)
Peloton: best output, 188KJ for a 20 minute class

It’s been a much slower recovery this time round, but I feel like there’s still more to come. I’m reminding myself that I want to be doing this in 10 years and even 20 years time, and trying to tailor my training with that long-term mindset.

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Happy new year mate, good to hear you are still training and are well. Dumbell press getting strong mate too. Quality

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Benching 90kgs - bodyweight 89.7


Were they 45kg dumbells ? great work.

I used the 45’s this week for the first time is 17+ years. Felt good.

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I’m sticking to dumbbells because it’s easier on my shoulders - this is the heaviest I’ve gone with them so far.

I’m a little disappointed that my gym is metric. I wanted to bench 200lbs, not 90kgs! :joy:


Had to laugh. All the Track and Field meets are in the metric system now. A 180’ discus throw (master’s Division) sounded so much better than a 56.80m throw.

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One year post-op. Mobility is still not great, struggling a bit with depth, but able to crank out 3 sets of hack squats at 100kgs.



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The angle on that thing is really high. That’s a no-joke hack squat.


I think those are fun considering I can’t get a bar behind my back for conventional squatting.

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Just weighed in over 90kgs again… but then I have just had 3 weeks off due to Covid, an elbow injury and then going on holiday. (The holiday was the most fun thing out of the three)

I should post form-check videos of my pina colada drinking: full ROM, high reps, performed in both seated and standing positions. Frankly outstanding technique, even if I do say so myself.

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It’s all about sore elbows for me at the moment. I think the issue was caused by overhead tricep rope extensions - these really work for me, but seem to be a major injury risk.

Any advice from other “more experienced” (by which I mean older :laughing:) trainers on how to train triceps without wrecking my elbows would be much appreciated!

I’m not a trainer, and I’m only 33… But hopefully, I can speak to you anecdotally and through my own research as rope overhead tricep extensions wreck my elbows also.

What pressing volume/exercises and other tricep work do you get in throughout the week?

Overhead tricep extensions are hard on the elbows for most people and for those that blast their triceps with several exercises in one session, it’s often advised to do them last so your elbows are warmed up as much as they possibly can be.

I actually ended up dropping them completely as I was pressing overhead twice a week. I never once thought I was missing out on any drastic tricep development by omitting them. Just recentlly I have added lying tricep extensions back in as I’m back to pressing overhead just once a week. What I do before my sets is tie a resistance band around something high and do 20-30 super easy tricep pushdown reps, I do them fast, I do them slow, just keep going to get a good feel, and pump those elbows full of all that magic stuff. Rather than just do 3 sets with the same heavy-ish weight, I ramp up. So something like 17.5kg x 20, 25kg x 15, 32.5kg x 12. You can progress in all those ranges each week so you know you’re moving forward but also makes it easy to auto-regulate based on how they feel.

Hope that helped a little.

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You could do what I do and just don’t train triceps !! What I mean by this is I don’t isolate them specifically. They get plenty of work from push movements and push ups.
I guess the question I would ask is if all movements hurt or just rope overhead ? Is there a reason you want to do this exercise ?

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Thanks - I think your experience is the same as mine, this specific exercise is hard on my elbows. The key takeaway from your post for me is that you don’t feel that you lose out by dropping them, so that’s a pretty compelling reason to drop them.

Although I DO feel I get great results from them :laughing:

What do you think @simo74 ? OHP/bench/dips is plenty and this might just be too much volume? I do like to train arms directly though, for example I do curls even though I do pull-ups, rows etc.

I don’t really hold with the theory that you don’t need to train any body parts directly - I think I need to do specific ab work, specific arm work etc, I never feel that they get a proper workout if they are the secondary muscle in an exercise.

So yes you can’t have a good OHP unless you have decent triceps, but I don’t think OHP will build the triceps you need, if that makes sense?

The reason I go for overhead tri extensions is that it’s a fuller ROM if your arm is in the overhead position - think it works the muscle when it’s in its longest position, as opposed to doing them with your arms down by your sides, when the tricep isn’t fully extended.

If only my elbows didn’t disagree with this theory so vigorously!