How Much to Adjust T CYP Dose When Adding 250IU EOD HCG?

Never been able to get a clear answer from any of the 3 providers I’ve worked with over the years. Going to try giving HCG another shot as atrophy is starting to set in after some 6 years. I also may relocate internationally and while unlikely, in the event I can’t get T easily, I don’t want to have the boys be completely non-functioning.

If I’m going to try 250IU of HCG, what’s a reasonable amount to lower my T cyp dose? My last provider said keep it the same, but any time my TT starts going over 900-1000, I find myself too easily agitated.

Currently injecting about 154mg/wk, split up daily. TT is around 800-900, FT around 25-30, and E2 around 30. Been feeling great at this dose for years and have strongly resisted any changes to my protocol that my provider and past providers seem to enjoy randomly suggesting (typically if it benefits them financially).

they are not linear, nor does anyone know how much T your balls will start producing just because you started injecting HCG.

  1. Try HCG at 250 3x/wk and see if that causes you to get easily agitated.
  2. If it does, lower Test dose a bit (pick a good round number and reduce it *that* much).
  3. If that didn’t work, reduce it more.
  4. continue until you don’t find yourself getting easily agitated.
  5. then stay there

I wouldn’t adjust your T dose just because you add HCG. If follow up labs show you need to, then do it. Also, thats a real small HCG dose. Normally double that is the minimum and you need it 2-3 x per week.

Edit: Looks like @Andrewgen_Receptors and I responded at same time. Similar advice at least!


Thanks! Good advice.

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Thanks as well! Good advice from both of you.

I just realized that if I lower the T dose too much to compensate, I might think the HCG is a problem when really I’m lowering my levels too much.

Exactly. One change at a time. Thats the only way to know.

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If you want to flip a coin because you don’t know how you’ll respond to hCG, reduce T dosage 20-30%. When I start new compounds, I always base the decision on how I respond to everything else, like caffeine, vitamin D and alcohol, all of which I hyper-respond.

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Same here, doctors still refuse to believe me, but I tend to respond strongly to everything too. My mom’s side of the family is the same way.

Yep, we’re all the same, might as well be clones. Sigh!

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