How much body fat to see abs?

I measured my abs this morning with a fat digital caliper for 20 times and took the average it was about 8%. Before i was using MD6 (last week), i was at 10 to 11%. I used the same measurement device and same sites of measurements.

However, i still can’t see my abs even my first 4 packs without flexing. Is this common?

How much further should i go to see just the first 4 without flexing at all?

You might want to have a personal trainer of some sort do the actual measurement. They know exactly where to check the fat, how to do it, and they have a very nice caliper to do it with. I have had my body fat checked and I am at 12% and I can see my upper four abs, and the trainer said I will not be able to see all of my abs until I hit 10%. But I am sure this differes somewhat for everybody.

Everybody is different, for me it’s around 4 or 5%. The measurement on my lower abs has to be about 4mm.

Tom, it sounds like you taking a single skinfold site measurement to determine BF, and this will be quite inaccurate. If you’re using the $30 caliper I think you are, it may itself be OK, but you need to measure 8 or 11 sites to have decent statistical accuracy (not the same site multiple times). Dan Duchaine had an article on this in the old Muscle Media 2k. If you can’t see your 4-pack, I really doubt that you are at 8% BF.

Skin folds are only as good as the person taking it and the methods used. Actually % doesnt really matter. If you wanna lose more fat, lose more fat. You dont need a percentage to tell you this.


I guess the caliper is not accurate. Or maybe it is me. I don’t care about measurements though.
I still can’t see my abs. I am pretty skinny btw. My arms are pretty defined. I can see the indentation on my triceps. I hope you guys know what i mean.

I don’t what to do now. I don’t want to enter bulking phase (i.e. no increase in caloric intake) before i can see my 4 packs first.
I will use MD6 on 3 days where i don’t workout (6 tablets/day) and 4/day on workout days. I will do aerobics if time permits. I also use tribex, methoxy, zma.

What do you guys suggest for me a skinny fat guy?