How Much Are Test Levels Raised?

When I talked to my endocrinologist about testosterones, he couldn’t give me any tables for reference. So what I am thinking is this. If the average test levels for most people is 180-700, and mine is 471, then how often and how much enanthate would I need to take to be in the high end of that spectrum. A ball park figure might be 150ml/week. Give or take of course.

And being that it is still in some peoples normal range, why cycle on and off? Meaning, if someone’s test levels are at say 650, they do not try to lower their test levels every so often, so why would I if a test injection gets mine to around the same thing. I am kinda playing devils advocate in their because I know you have to cycle off, but it is an interesting analysis anyway.

Is there any tables that give you a general idea of how much any given injected amount of enanthate raises test levels. For instance, 100ml/w =150 increase in test levels. I mean I am at 471 and would like to be at say 750-850, but not over 950. I would think that the 500ml/week that some do would increase theirs to over 1000.

You mainly need to cycle on and off to restore your own hormone production. Nobody would normally be injecting such a low dose of test as you suggest. The whole point of it (unless you are on HRT) is to get supraphysiological levels of test. This shuts down your own production fairly quickly.

If you are on HRT, then essentially you don’t cycle on and off. Some bodybuilders and powerlifters don’t really either, they just change to a different combination of steroids and lower the dose for a while now and then. The downside of this is that your natural production is shut down all the time.