How can you tell real D-bol from fakes?

I did a search on the sight and the only way I could find was place a pill on a hard surface and, if when you apply pressure, it crushes into powder it is fake.
What other ways can you tell?

Come one guys, I know someone out here has got to know of a nother fake test for d-bol. I have ordered anabolics2000, but my shipment is going to be in the week end.

First off, why would you order something before knowing if they are fake or not? If you have a reputable source you should be OK - if not you’re stuck with them anyway. Secondly, why do you have to start taking them before your book comes in?
Lastly, if you do a search on the net, you should be able to find most of the info that is in Anabolics2000. There are plenty of websites with pictures and descriptions of the gear. I can’t post the site’s here but, if you put a little effort into it you should be able to find what you are looking for :wink:

Heres a couple ways (but nothing is gauaranteed). 1. Dinabol fakes are made of chalk so try writing on a black board with your sample. 2. If it crushes into powder it surely is fake, if it breaks into rocky pebbles it’s real. 3. Fakes have no taste, the real deal tastes slightly bitter. 4. Take 150mg. of them and if your face starts to look like pizza within 48 hours you know it’s real(just kidding) 5. I herd that the real one have slightly beveled edges taht can only be seen if you carefully examine them (it’s less than 1mm bevel). Also, if you need the exact measurements, when I get to the gym I will measure one for you.

Thanks AndrewSol. To answer your ?'s randingo
I did not order them. I know a BB that is hooking me up. I know he would not screw me knowingly, but he is just a middle man. I don’t have to take them before the book comes in, but I would like the book before I hand over the cash. That way, when I pick up my shit, I can check it. And I have done plently of homework. I have not found too many sights that have very good info. I have found 4 good ones and a few with pics. I have searched hrs. upon hrs. and every sight I find is the same BS. I have done roids b/f, just not D-bol. I have not even seen it except on the net.

Well, I know for a fact to test the Reforvit-B version you simply put one cc of the stuff in 10cc of water and wait(clouding is normal). In 8 hours, if there are crystals at the bottom then you know that for sure that is real methandrostenolone. The water seperates the propelyne glycol leaving the crystal d-bol. Not sure if it works the same for the pills.

The russian D-ball really taste sweet, lactose-sweet! That is the way most guys around here try to see if it is real! Of course any pill that contain lactose can taste that way, but the ones that I suspect are fake haven’t tasted that way. But from what I have heard a good part of the russian D-ball i just metyl-testosterone. They do however work fine!