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So I’d never really given graphic novels (or comics or whatever you’re supposed to call them) much thought, but loads of friends of mine with really good taste in other stuff read them, so I’ve decided to give them a try.

Here’s what I’ve read so far:

-Punisher MAX: enjoyed
-Marvel Civil War series: enjoyed
-The Sandman: enjoyed
-The Boys: enjoyed
-Crossed: enjoyed but I will never read it again. Just ew.
-Preacher: LOVED, probably my favourite so far

And a few other random superhero ones.

So recommend me some more! I’ve really liked the stuff by Garth Ennis but I’m kinda running out of that now.

Preferably shit that is weird and twisted. What can I say? I like that shit.

Not really my thing, but I’ve heard the old Frank Miller Batman graphic novels are good. The GoT series has titties in it if that’s your thing… :flushed:

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You already read my favorite graphic novel. Angels with Texas accents and Irish vampires just crack me up!

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oh aye I’ve read a little Frank Miller. Read The Dark Knight Returns and a couple of the Sin City ones. They were ok. Liked them, didn’t love them.

I am a huge comic guy, so here are my suggestions:

Anything by Alan Moore, but specifically:
V for Vendetta

The Killing Joke

and the GOAT…Watchmen.

Other great ones:
Kingdom Come (almost same premise as Civil War except DC characters, and in my opinion its much better)

Old Man Logan - what the movie Logan is LOOSELY based on, but story is basically Blind Hawkeye (from the Avengers) and Old ass Wolverine travel cross country after all the super heroes are wiped out.

Batman: Year One - the first 365 days of Bruce Wayne’s career as Batman.

If you want anymore, or have specific ones you enjoy and want recommendations based on those, just tagged me haha

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Just saw your comment that said “weird and kinda twisted” so i will add these two you might like the best

Batman: Arkham Asylum and From Hell


IMO Batman Year 1 is possibly the most perfectly crafted comic book ever. Even if you’re not a fan of Bats, definitely check it out.



wooo, thanks for that

movie really fucking sucked. Is it still worth reading if I hated the movie do you think?[quote=“beastcoast58, post:5, topic:229016”]
The Killing Joke

will most definitely check this out[quote=“beastcoast58, post:5, topic:229016”]
and the GOAT…Watchmen

read it despite being thoroughly unimpressed by the movie. Bloody good, it was.

added to the list

read and enjoyed thoroughly.[quote=“beastcoast58, post:5, topic:229016”]
Batman: Year One

will read this next I think based on your and @The_Mighty_Stu’s recommendation[quote=“beastcoast58, post:6, topic:229016”]
Batman: Arkham Asylum

also read. Quite liked it although I didn’t love it.[quote=“beastcoast58, post:6, topic:229016”]
From Hell

yet another movie I didn’t enjoy but I’ll give it a look

The book versions of From Hell, V and Watchmen are all significantly better than the movie versions. In my mind, Watchmen was actually the best they could have done IMO, but the majority of Alan Moore’s work is held as “unfilmable” because the complexities of the characters he writes don’t transfer over to film very well.

V for example is WAY more interesting as a person in the book, and the ideals he fights for make way more sense in the book as well. Its darker, and way more fleshed out. I think if you really enjoyed Watchmen the book you’ll enjoy V very much.

Update when you get a chance to check some out! I am enjoying this thread haha

Just gave you the best graphic novel suggestion and no reply/comment?


to be honest, I didn’t think to actually check it out. I just assumed you were being a dick like always.

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appreciate the input, brohim!

It’s funny you say that about Watchmen being the best they could have done. I actually think I appreciate the film more now having read the book, as you’re totally right; there’s no way you could ever capture the intricacies in a movie.

I’ll let you know how I get on with your other suggestions

I recall seeing that in the old Heavy Metal magazines,… if I’m thinking of the same character.


Recommended it for the great story line and plot

The Walking Dead

There is a reason Alan Moore does not attach his name to the movie versions of his books.

League of Extraordinary Gentleman is unwatchable, whereas the books are very good. God the movie is just an abortion though

From Hell was given some weird super natural element (amongst other changes and additions), complete joke.

Watchmen… Just should have never been made into a movie. It was explicitly made to showcase what the comic book medium could do, and was written to exploit the medium to its fullest (the ability to flip back pages, the combination of written prose and the typically graphic panels, the interweaving story lines with the ship, etc…). Snyder did a valiant job with the movie (I personally did not like it, and I hated what they did to Manhattan) but as I said, it should have never been a movie to begin with.

V for Vendetta was passable until they went all Hollywood on the ending.

I’m really not sure why Hollywood wants to remake Moores books given how much they change them from the source material.

I find Brian K Vaughn a compelling writer and would recommend just about anything he has done (Of note ate Y: The Last Man, Pride of Baghdad, Runaways, and his current series Saga)

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Megatron Origins and All Hail Megatron by IDW comics. Those two really capture the essence of the character. Battle Pope was weird and twisted, yet comical at the same time.