Hey Sig!

I can’t seem to respond to your post about Tim’s challenge. So here it is:

I’m not an expert on BodyOpus, but from what I know I don’t think that would be a good choice if you’re planning on gaining weight. I think you should re-think that part. I just don’t see doing a fat loss diet to gain mass as being a good idea. My 2 pennies.

I knew that most people would think I was an idiot for choosing the BodyOpus Diet to GAIN weight. However, the BodyOpus Diet was originally based on Michael Zumpano’s Rebound Training System which consisted of a 10-day cyclic ketogenic diet, but not a low-calorie one. Zumpano’s program was designed to help people who were at a plateau GROW. Most people also lost fat! I believe Zumpano was a little ahead of his time and people just didn’t buy into the concept of eating a shitload of fat. Duchaine made some modifications of The Rebound System and developed BodyOpus. I won’t leave any stone unturned in my quest for hugeness! Unless you experiment with some very different diets and routines I don’t think you’ll ever reach your full potential. Not enough people keep an open mind in their quest for muscle. Thanks for your input TEK, much appreciated.