Hey JB now what? (insulin sensitive)

Hey i just did my glucometer insulin sensitivity test and i am VERY insulin sensitive according to your chart in your article… i have to say i almost passed out when i drank my glucose drink because i have nothing else in my body since i had to fast for 12 hours… anyways… now that i know that… you say i should eat 50 % carbs 35 %protein and 15 % fat in a day… correct?

i guess i should state the specifics

fasted: 36 mg/dl
peak: 128 mg/dl
time to get to peak: 30 minutes
time to get back to fasted: 90 minutes
pretty good eh?

Spence…looks pretty good to me, bro. I don’t have JB’s charts in front of me at the moment, but that looks pretty similar to my readings. However, I remember bringing this up to JB and he said the glucometer test was more of a glucose tolerance test than an insulin sensitivity test. The actual blood work has to be done for determining insulin sensitivity. Either way, I’ve been using the 50/35/15 (c/p/f) approach and am comfortable with it. I can eat a lot more rice and pasta than flax oil!

hey timbo… i dunno it just said that on the massive eating part 2. towards the bottom … i hope its right

just making sure jb sees it

where you at JB!?