help with kissing and/or sex

Hey T-dudes and women, I know this is sorta pathetic, but I was wondering if anybody knew of any good books or websites that would help a guy out with his kissing or bedroom techniques?
Im really just looking for a few “important” tips or ideas.
Btw, i’d find a website much more convinient and inexpensive than a book.
If anybody knows of anything, please help a brother out!
Thank you and happy boxing day

Try – it has an excellent article on how to give a woman oral, as well as some other good sex articles with such titles as “Giving Her Explosive Multiple Orgasms.” I sent the oral article to an ex-hook-up of mine who wanted me to explain how to do it to her current boyfriend (I figured the article from her would be a helluva lot less awkward than tips from me…), and she was quite pleased with his performance after he read it. Good luck.

I reccommend sending your woman over to me for instant training. If she’s complaining, I’ll teach her to behave ;).

If that’s not an option, try

thanks guys i’ll check them out!

Get a Maxim magazine. Hell, just subscribe to it. It’s worth it.

You could also check out the forum at

Insert tab A into slot B, repeat.

LMAO! That was fucking hilarious!

Where is nate dogg with his advice. I’m sure he could write a few volumes on the subject of “dining in the bedroom”.

Nah, kissing is a remedial subject. I have nothing to offer on that unless you talk about kissing the lips “down below.”

Nate, those weren’t my lips that was my ass, bro.

But thanks for playing! :slight_smile: LOL

Have you kissed anybody yet? Ask for feedback. If you run into someone that you think gives good face, emulate them. Many times others will do to you what they would like done to them. Read their body language, listen to their breathing and (hopefully) moans. Since you seem to be eager to learn, I’m sure someone will be happy to teach you.

Well, it sure didn’t smell like fish, but now I know why it smelled like shit! LMAO! Good one bro!

Give good face HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Never heard that one before!

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