Help my Shoulder Instabillity

Help. Now i’ve been stuck with one “tiny” problem for over a year. The short story is that i injured my shoulder by trying a 1rm snatch. For 3/4 year i kind’a ignored the ignored the injury. Now it’s bugging me big time. It’s especially hurting while trying to stretch my chest or throw anything. I haven’t done any bench presses or i can’t do handball or snowboarding or anything. Attempting to get back too quick has made me injured myself quite often. Actually 5 times over the last year. This time i’ve done it more slowly and I first did some 30-0-30 chins and they seem to help. Then i started doing static flyes, which seemed to help a while allso (really light ones offcourse). After reading chek’s article about trapz - I throwed in a couple of “injury preventing” trap exersizes, which seemed to help some allso. Now my shoulder feel 80% of normal but still it don’t looks like i get much further. It don’t hurt much anymore - But i can’t do anything explosive at all. What can help? Increasing load on flyes (Since it’s throwing i’d liked to get back at first of all - Not to talk about those lovely bench presses). Increase load on my traps exersizes? More reps? Maybe even restart doing standing military presses, or would such injure me again for sure? It don’t seem like there is any physiotherapist around my town who knows too much about the subject. The one i saw just gave me some ultra sound and told me to do 50 rep everything. Sorry for the length and bad writing of this post. Try to make a read’able layout but these moderators refuse to gimme space between lines. I think i posted something similar about the subject a few months ago. Got a few helpfull advices, but now i’d liked to get all the way back to “normal”. Any help would be rewarded with a huge hug :wink:

You may need to consult with a good sports therapist - he may refer you to a neuroligist for a nerve velocity test - you may have a pinched nerve.

You definitely need to go see a good physical therapist, one specializing in sports injuries. Anybody that tells you to just do 50 reps of anything for a shoulder rehab is insane. I’ve had total recronstructive shoulder surgery on my right shoulder due to chronic dislocation. I dislocated it five times. The rehab for the surgery was six months, but now I’m stronger than ever. The main thing with shoulder rehab is that you have to work the small muscles of the shoulder. In my rehab, it was 4 1/2 months before I could do any pressing movements (bench, military, etc.). I doubt it is that extreme for you. You need to look up how to do internal and exteral rotation exercises with weight for your shoulder. Those were the two key exercises in my rehab at the beginning. These target the rotator cuff, which is the main injury in most shoulder problems. The problem with the exercises you’ve been doing so far is that they pull and stretch the rotator cuffs of a strong shoulder, and it is even worse on your weak shoulder. Bottom line, see a “good” sports physical therapist.

Thank for the advices. Hmm finding a good sport physiotherapist is a challenge in itself. Well, everything which is needed. I’ve been already working on my internal rotator since it’s what is hurting while throwing - But i will throw in some external rotator cuff exersizes allso now. Thanks. Hugs for everyone who helped :wink:

I had the same problem once. What I recomend is you find a kinesiologist. A kinesiologist is a doctor who works with muscles and imbalances. the days many major sport teams have one on staff, cause they are that important for injuries

I had bilateral shoulder tendinitis during 3 years. It was gradually going worst until I tried acupuncture coupled to some back and rotatory cuff exercices (those exercices could very well be your redemption).
Then I started lifting hit style, getting stronger, training infrequently and it is now almost gone. This was one year ago. Hope I’ve helped.

Sports physical therapist, Kinesiologist, acupuncture - Got it. Hope i’ll be back in benching and throwing within not too much time. Thanks for you advices. You’re all angels !

Looks like you’ll be pretty busy if you visit all of those different types of specialists…hopefully you’ll find one that works. I would very strongly suggest you ask around to see if there is an Active Release Technique practicioner in your area. I learned about it right here on t-mag…went and tried it…that shit works, man.