Help Irondoc, please...

Hi Irondoc,

I could use some help. I recently visted a orthopedist for pain in my right shoulder. After the MRI, he said I have shoulder tendinitis with thickness in my rotator cuff tendon, which may also have a slight tear. He doesnt recommend surgury, he recommends a physical therapist. I got this injury from a car accident.

I dropped Bench Presses from my routine, do I also have to drop Overhead Presses? They are my favorite exercise!! Would ART help also in this area.

I also hurt my left wrist by falling down. I have pain in my wrist (especially near my thumb), with numbness and tinglyness in my thumb, pointer and middle fingers. Hard to make a fist certain times of the day. The same ortho. gave me a x-ray (came back with no break), told me to take vit B6 (50mg/3x a day) and gave me a brace to wear when I sleep. He seemed to be concerned about me having a form of carpal tunnel syndrome. Would ART help in this area also? I have a re-evaluation appt in 6 weeks.

Have you heard of Prolotherapy? Muscle&Fitness did an article on it. What are your thoughts on it?

Do you recommend any ART providers in the New York City area?

Thank you for your time and help.

Irondoc, I have the same feeling in my right hand, can you help us out???

Look for a chiropractor named Dr. John Schneider in NYC. I’m not sure of the exact location, so check the provider network.
ART should help greatly with both. Drop the overhead presses for now. They can cause to much shearing stress on the rotator cuff at this time. With treatment, you can add them back in. You really need to get worked on. With your current condition I would stay away from any presses. That’s incline, dumbell, overhead, close grip, etc. Nada until you’re checked out. You are dealing with the most delicate joint in your body in terms of movement and complexity. I’d concentrate on other body areas.
As for your thumb, it sounds like a radial nerve impingement which can also be helped with ART.

Thask so much Irondoc