Hcg Stimulation Test - Know of Any Doctors in Northeast?

Hi everyone. Long story short I’ve been on trt and hcg for secondary hypogonadism for 10 years with no problems, felt great. During the last year though it seems I am no longer responding to hcg, backed by labwork. My current doctor (not a uro or endo) didn’t seem to concerned, bit I’m deeply concerned if my testicles have stopped working. Anyone know of an endo or uro in the north east that is familiar with hcg and would be able to help with a hcg stimulation test to determine any testicular problems? I’m in ct, don’t mind traveling. In fact, I’d be willing to fly anywhere if just to get a proper diagnosis.

Note: I’ve read all the stickies, they are great. But I’m hoping someone here has experience with a uro or endo that understands how to use hcg to diagnose possible testicular problems. Thank you all!

Describe your protocol in detail. Frequency, dose in mg’s and iu’s.
hCG always refrigerated?
Changed brands?

Have testes become smaller or ache?
Doctor examined?
What does “no longer responding” mean?
Does your scrotum hang low or up tight?

How many different lots of hCG had this problem spanned.
hCG can be bad, you should get a positive on a home pregnancy test if its good.
Was hCG shipped to you wet/dry?

You have read the stickies… how about some clues… are you young or old?

Thanks for your response. Let me fill in some gaps. I’m 30, diagnosed secondary in my early 20s due most likely to a pituitary lesion. Endos wanted to jump straight to trt only. Being young, I found a doctor who worked with hcg and clomid. Tried clomid, couldn’t tolerate sides. Hcg worked good for me, and have done either gel or test cyp with hcg since.

My current predicament seems to be that I stopped responding to hcg. This is evidenceed by labs on hcg, total testosterone being 200 with a range of 350 - 800. Using the same dose I used to be somewhere in the 600 to 700 level. My hcg dosage has usually been 250 ius several times a week. Have tried larger doses with no difference. Physical symptoms are testicular shrinkage, tight uncomfortable testicles. Further, when I take a shot my testicles become uncomfortable and tight which was never the case. Have tried over 10 different batches with different manufacturers with no difference. Have tried pregnancy stick that showed hcg was working. A doctor has recently examined testicles and noted no obvious issues but they were in fact small.

I’ve made an appointment with a local urologist to discuss, but I’m hoping someone has experience with a doctor incase this doctor is unfamiliar with this issue as its complicated.

Try a SERM, but Nolvadex which does not have the sides that some guys get with Clomid. Very few docs understand this as its not in the literature.When on Nolvadex, note testicular and metal/mood response. LH/FSH response can also be tested.

On Nolvadex, try these labs:

You will probably know if testing would be a waste of time.

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately I get visual sides from tamoxifen as well, not as bad as clomid though. I seem to be very sensitive to serms. I’m having a hard time finding a uro/endo that understands hcg and can help determine there is a problem with testies.

If anyone has recommendations I would be grateful. Thanks.

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