Having Symptoms, Got Bloodwork

28 years old. Been having noticeable issues for about a year with all the usual symptoms and just got blood work done.


I believe this is a result of stress, drinking and overtraining that came to a climax over the last year when I finally decided I’m getting out of the army ASAP. There have been a couple vacation periods and sporadic periods where I felt better due to long periods of rest.

Currently trying to see a urologist but tricare is very slow.

I’d spend 12+ weeks addressing these and then recheck your levels, since any one of them, letalone the combination, can be the source of your issues.

Even more reason to make the lifestyle adjustments in order to get an accurate health assessment.

What’s your height, weight, and bodyfat guesstimate/description? What does your training week and daily diet look like?

6’2 235 probably about 15-18% BF. Extremely healthy and consistent diet. Sporadically following starting strength but have been unable to make any consistent progress due to setbacks.

Gotcha. I’d focus on general stress reduction (ha, always easier said than done), could be sleep quality and/or quantity, some fresh air walking, or whatever. Also scale back the drinking to whatever degree is manageable. Weekends only, 1 drink per night, whatever guidelines help you wrangle it in.

Not sure where the overtraining came from if the training was sporadic, but getting on any kind of consistent program will absolutely help. Starting Strength is one good choice because it’s just three days a week, but there are other plans that can work if you’re dealing with limited available time.

Some programs work better if you can knock out only 20 minutes a few days a week, other programs are setup for just two or three days a week with sessions closer to an hour. Figure out how much weekly time you can set aside and then stick to a plan that accommodates it.