GoRuck: Need help with peri-workout nutrition

Doing my first GoRuck Heavy in March, and am already obsessing about how much & what food to bring…

GoRuck Heavy is 24 hrs., 40+ miles, 30 lb. ruck… only 50% completion rate…

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All of the FINi bars.

But seriously, I haven’t participated in something like that, but FINi bars are ideal. They are light on the stomach, and will keep your body fueled.

What’s your pack situation like for storage? How about hydration? Will you have the ability to mix up a drink? Where is it at (thinking in terms of temperature / perspiration)?


I looked it up. Why is it 24 hours and 40 miles? Is it split up into heats or events or something that creates the time block?

Their bags are nice though. Nice to have a single laptop/hiking/travel bag that can take some abuse. Mud, rocks, volcanic ash (climbed Mt St Helens with it) and handled it like a champ.


Those are incredible events!

And yep, Fini bars were made for them.


My preference:

Lemon drop Surge and Nature’s bakery raspberry fig pars

I’d definitely bring Surge along. You can bring some already mixed in water, and some additional as powder if you’re able to refill water along the way. About a scoop / h is good for me. This has been a life saver for long, strenuous MBT rides for me. My personal choice for convenient food is Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars because they are a delicious treat that has the right amount of calories and macros for peri-workout nutrition. My MTB buddies got me on these, and now I carry them with me as well.

Have plenty of Finibars, Surge, & Mag-10. Not sure how much I should take along. Have two 32-oz. Nalgene bottles I can attach to the sides of the ruck, in addition to a 3L bladder that goes inside the ruck.

It’s 40+ mi over the 24 hours, & I’ll have to let you know how it’s set up if I make it through…

When you make it through

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Just from past hiking experience. I would not use anything but water in the bladder, at least nothing that’s sugary or can convert to sugar. It’s nearly impossible to make sure it’s clean and they can easily grow mold and bacteria. I used to use a gatorade-water mix and it was great but I lost a bladder and hose with it.

Nalgene bottles or those roll up plastic bottles seem like a much better place for anything mixed.

Yeah, figured that out when I ruined my last bladder w/those electrolyte sticks…

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Suggestions as to how many to take…?