Gorge yourself with rich food and still lose weight.

Well guys, If I see something interesting, I always like to keep you up to date.

Associated Press; Scientists at Baylor college of Medicine in Houston found that if an enzyme called acetyl-CoA corboxylase 2, or ACC2, is blocked in mice, the animals can eat much more food than other mice and still weigh 10% to 15% less. The study mice are nicknamed “Knockout mice” because a gene has been knocked out or mutated. The mice were allowed to eat as much as they wanted. Even though they ate 40% more than the control group mice, the knockout mice lost weight. The Baylor researchers are testing compounds that could be used in a pill to block the expression, or secretion, of ACC2. Such a pill will first be tested in mice and then in higher animals, such as monkeys. If all goes well, the pill could be tested in humans within five years (Bodz note: unless Bill or Brock come up with something first).

Other researchers have identified genes that influence appetite and proteins that restrict fat storage.

Interesting bodz. However, I shudder to think of a society where no one has the willpower to lose weight by dieting and working out, and instead chooses to pop a pill! Not good.

T-Wifey was reading that article while I wass trying to have some T-relaxation (alright I was playing video games). It made for a good laugh…but a thought: If the stuff stays in the system, how can you gain? If it gets out quick, then I challenge Bill and Brock to get this shit QUICK!

Maclar, I know what you mean. Everyone wants the easy route. Whether its fat loss, muscle gain, success or acceptance. Look at the kids nowadays that are just taking a gun to school to solve the problem of someone not liking them.

Another scarey thing, If you read the cloning article I posted; If we start cloning people, or I should say when we do, if a person on this board, who’s name I won’t mention, gets involved…can you say “Hitler”.

Great post Bodz.

Thanks, JJ.