Gold Standard 100% Whey

I was just gifted a Costco-sized bag of Gold Standard 100% Whey protein powder. I do use Metabolic Drive, but thoughts/opinions/reviews on this Whey powder? I don’t want it to go to waste if it is good stuff?


It has been helping people build muscle for decades.


Whey is useful.

Its the Gold Standard of protein. Ba dum tss.

It’s fine bro, use it if you want it.

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I use their Creatine. Like everyone else has said, just use it. Free protein is the best protein.


It really is the gold standard. Lots of competitors have come and gone but Optimum Nutrition keeps making people happy year after year.

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I miss Pro Complex

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This is the most worthy whey protein available in my country online.I have been using it since 2019 and was contemplating if i should switch to either the isolate or hydrolyzed version which is more expensive and not much different except a little bit more calories and more protein

I wouldn’t over complicate it.