How much glutamin post workout? 5g? 10g? 15? I use 5g in the morning, lunch and bedtime. im about 200ibs.

Depends on who you ask. Charles Polquin recommends 20-40 grams postworkout. He also suggests taking glutamine in your workout water. Michael Colgan recommends for a bodyweight of 171-220, a daily formula of 9 grams for 4-10 hours of training per week, 12 grams for 11-17 hours, 15 for 18-24 and 18 for over 24 hours of training per week. Since Glutamine is so inexpensive now (I get mine for $50 for 1000 grams), I recommend my clients take 5 before bed, 5 first thing in the morning, 5 preworkout and 5 postworkout.

If I remember correctly, Eric Serrano MD PhD a friend and co speaker at two of the Charles Poliquin seminars I attended recomended the following:
Identify your lean body mass
200lbs x____% bodyfat =fat in lbs
200 - ______ fat lbs = lean body mass
______ lbs LBM/ 2.2 = __kg x.37= g glutamine spread throughout the day with most of it pre workout and 10 min BEFORE the end of the workout (So it is not slowed down by your post workout drink) Dr Serrano now beleives in no large post workout drinks. I feel that Biotest Surge is fast enough and small enoough to fit the bill. Remember one thing, our ability to convert Gh to IGF-1 declines with age. Older guys will not repond to increases in Gh as much as younger guys so don’t get to hung up on GH enhancement products. I dont know enough yet but am looking into the GH/IGF-1 complex to see what is the optimum ratios for growth. I have a B.S. in Nutrition and a B.S. in Exercise Physiology

What does glutamine have to do with GH,and approximally what age is “older”?

I recommend and use 5 grams in the morning, 5 grams pre workout, 5 grams post workout, 5 grams before bed mixed with a protein shake. That might seem like a lot of glutamine but my muscles are not as sore the next day plus I have been gaining LBM (lean body mass) much faster then before. Read last month’s Journal of Nutrition supplement about the glutamine symposium. Which contains a lot of information that might help you.