Getting stronger

I’m trying to get my squat, deadlift and bench up considerably. I want to go from 345 to 405,345 to 405, and 255 to 315. I’ve been doing frequent sets of low reps(1-4). What’s the best way to continue to grow? Should I keep trying to raise my 1rm a few pounds at a time or should I start doing more reps at lower weghts? What’s worked best for you? Thanks

Do you want to get stronger or do you want to grow? Which is more important?
You profile reads you have 10+ years of experience training so I would guess you have laid a pretty solid foundation for yourself and are able to handle the stress of low rep sets.

To get stronger I would continue to do mulitple sets at 1-3 reps to build the most absolute strength possible. I used to do a lot of singles in my training but now I incorporate more 3 rep sets. I feel that this is, for me, a better rep range to build strength. Also, with 3 rep sets, I can work on form and technique more.

Move the weight.

IMO, if you are really interested in getting these lifts up I would train like those who have monster squats, deads, and benchs and thesepeople are powerlifters! I highly recommend starting a westside program. Read Dave Tate’s articles: The eight keys 1,2,3, and 4 to get started also check out the Periodization Bible 1&2. I recently started a WS program after my lifts stalled and I love it! It will make you strong as an ox (it can also make you big if ya eat for it). PM me if you have anymore questions.

One Word: Westside! I just full squatted 315@160lbs with my previous being 295! My bench is also going up as I recently did 265 in the 2 and 3 board press. Check out the articles on westside at t-mag and The eight keys article here at t-mag should be your starting point.

I’m sorry that was a 265lb 3 board press, and a 255lb 2lb board press.